Sunday, December 11, 2011

The easiest appetizer ever ~ Goat Cheese Dip recipe!

Okay there is NOTHING going on in my life right now so I won't be posting anything new or interesting unless something happens.
We are just holding out for Christmas vacation in Jamaica! Yippee. But until then we are just taking it easy and not doing anything else.

What I always do though is cook. You know cooking is one of my passions so I figured I would share one of our favorite recipes. It is perfect for any holiday party. It is fast and easy to make and delicious.

We have a restaurant in town called Lulu's and this is where I stole the recipe. We don't eat there often but when we do, we always order an appetizer called: The Frenchy.

The Frenchy is goat cheese, kalamata olives and olive oil served with fresh crostini. Well, this weekend I had some goat cheese in the fridge so I decided to recreate the recipe.

This is how easy it is. Take some goat cheese and add some olive oil. Then add kalamata olives. Lulu's serves it as is but when we get it, we mush it all up and make a spread. It is easier to spread on the crostini that way.

Let me tell you that is the best thing ever. If you aren't a fan of goat cheese you can even use feta or even cream cheese. Goat cheese is so good though!

Okay the final product doesn't look great but I can totally tell you that this is one really good tasting snack.


  1. It would have to be cream cheese for me!

  2. i was always grossed out by goat cheese...i dunno why, goats are cuter than cows..? I went to Michael Symon's restaurant in Cleveland and had his goat cheese mac and cheese and feel in loooooove! This looks sooooo good.