Monday, December 19, 2011

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe

Once again I was inspired by our local restaurant LuLu's to create my own version of their Red Bell Pepper Sauce.

They serve it on fish and the other day Tom ordered some walnut and cheese ravioli with red bell pepper sauce. It was delish. I am so ordering that next time we go.
At the grocery store, I saw some red bell peppers and decided to try and recreate my own version. I have never made roasted red bell pepper sauce but I figured it couldn't be that hard.

First I roasted some red bell peppers with olive oil in the oven. I roasted them until they got all black. I then let them cool. Once they were cooled the skin just peels off.

When I was about to blend the peppers with the other ingredients, I realized that I should have roasted not only the bell peppers but the tomatoes, garlic and onions all at the same time because that would have given the sauce a better flavoring. DOH! But it was too late for that.
I went ahead and blended everything including a little olive oil, salt and pepper with the other ingredients until they were all smooth and saucy.

Something went wrong because the sauce was overly sweet. I realized that it was the sweet onion I used. Although tasty, I wanted a little less sweetness in the sauce. To fix this, I decided to see what I could do to fix it. I am a whiz in the kitchen for fixing food gone wrong.

I added a little more olive oil. The oil didn't do much. So I figured that I would add some red wine and red wine vinegar to make it more tart. That worked wonders. It was perfect.

I then grabbed some Italian sausage from the fridge and cooked it up. I made some ziti and made a casserole. How easy is that? The roasted red bell peppers have such a unique taste.

I actually hate raw red bell peppers and I hate them cooked in any food except this sauce. How weird is that? But it is a great way to give your regular pasta sauce a different flavor. Next time I make it, I am so adding a little cream at the end to make a creamy sauce. This sauce is so good, you can even eat it as a soup!

Buen provecho!


  1. oh wow does this sound good! And I will be careful to roast everything and not use sweet onions - but I bet it was still better than anything you could buy!

  2. I would like having this sauce to cook with.

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