Sunday, January 29, 2012

Give My Regards to Broadway!

On Friday night, Tom took me to see a production at Western Carolina University. The university brings in traveling shows to entertain the masses, okay we don't masses in our area. Anyway, Friday a show came called Neil Berg's 100 Years of Broadway.

I had little to no expectations because sometimes the shows that come in aren't that great. They are just so-so. I went because I love musical theatre. I figured how bad could it be to spend a night hearing Broadway show tunes, right? I was expecting just some random singers coming out and singing show tunes and that's it. We got there I just sat back and hoped for the best.

It was great! What a fantastic show. The man who puts this on is Neil Berg and he is a Broadway composer. The best things was he had a great cast. The singers were real Broadway actors who had starred in some huge hits like Cats, Beauty and the Beast, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom and Les Miz. The cast members were Chuck Wagner, Ivan Rutherford, Carter Calvert, Danny Zolli and Sandra Joseph. Look these people up because they have all been on Broadway for years and it is nice to see them continue working.

We had a great time and the show was super duper entertaining.  Plus, it was also a nice night out. When you live in a teeny tiny town, you get used staying home at night because there is nothing going on. Our town shuts down around 9pm. If you want a late dinner, you better be ready to eat at Mickey D's. You forget how nice it is to live in a big town where you can go see shows, concerts and go to nice movie theaters every once in a while.

Plus, like I said, I love musical theatre and boy it made me want to be in New York City and go watch some Broadway shows.


  1. How ironic that I wrote about Broadway today too! Sisters, sisters!

    Also, it makes me laugh that you live by WCU and I live by ECU. However, we get crap here. I'm actually driving to Raleigh this week to see a show.

  2. Have you seen the artwork they do every year? Isn't it him who is affiliated with it, too? Do you even know what I'm talking about or do I sounds like a crazed lunatic? (again)