Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nothing Going On

I haven't been blogging because it is really slow around here. And there is NOTHING exciting going on at all. Yes, I am boring sometimes.

Work is work. Nothing new, nothing special. The good news is I have started exercising with a group of my co-workers at school. We are doing Zumba and low impact aerobics. It is tough but it works out for us because we start exercising right after school and still get home pretty early. I am pooped doing it but it is a good thing.

The weather has been poopy here in WNC. This whole week has been rainy but a lot warmer than average. This weekend though the weather is cooling off and as I am writing this on Thursday night, we might have snow tomorrow. Ugh. I don't mind the cold so much, I just don't like the snow but I should be thankful we haven't gotten much of that this winter.

The past few weekends we actually got crazy and went into Asheville to a real movie theater. You know the ones with the stadium seating. In our neck of the woods, all we have is really old and cheapie theaters with regular seats that hurt your bum after a while.

But Tom got nuts and said let's go! Of course, I go along with almost anything. Now, if you have read my blog you know we NEVER go to the movies because of past incidents of rudeness. We stopped going because it was a bigger headache dealing with screaming babies, rude people who talk during the movie and the cell phone Thank goodness for big screen TV's and Netflix.

But sometimes you just want to see a movie on the big screen. We saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and War Horse. We had high expectations for War Horse. Let me tell you, I am a huge Spielberg fan. Now, War Horse wasn't terrible. It was, in fact, quite good and I cried like a fiend at the end. But I thought it would be better. But it is the type of film to see on the big screen.

I had no hopes for Mission Impossible since the last few MI movies sucked balls. And truth be told, I am not a huge Tom Cruise fan. He bugs me for some reason. Anyway, we saw it and it was excellent. Good, solid plot, some great stunts and lots of killing and violence. It was a great action film. Plus, Tom Cruise was actually quite good. I would totally recommend it. I would also recommend War Horse but I could have waited to watch that at home.

We also went to Papas and Beer in Asheville. It is by far my favorite restaurant in this area. It has the best Mexican food. So that was a huge treat since the Mexican food, and let's be honest all food, around our area is mediocre at best.
That's about it. With the cold weather comes boredom sometimes because we don't want to go do anything. I am always happy just to be home in jammies but I think Tom gets stir crazy. But then again, I am naturally lazy so if I do nothing all day, I am so happy.

So that's the update around here. Hopefully more exciting things will be on the horizon.

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