Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Early Birthday Dinner

We celebrated my birthday a bit early since the restaurant I wanted to go to was not open on the day of my birthday. We found this restaurant after one of Tom's friends recommended it. We went last year for his birthday and loved it.

It is the BEST restaurant that we know of in Western North Carolina that we have found. It is in a little town called Waynesville. Waynesville is bigger than where we live and it has more restaurants and shops and is a lot cuter than our town.

Again, I love our town but we do not have fine dining anywhere around here. So we headed off on Friday night to The Chef's Table.

The chef uses fresh seasonal products and does all the cooking himself. He does have sous chefs but he is there making some delicious meals. What I love about this place is the fresh pasta. I had it last time and I had it again this time too. It was fantastic.

It is a small place which makes it cozy. The server we had was wonderful. If we lived closer, we would go more often. It is a little pricey but well worth it since you are getting freshly prepared delicious meals. The bread is made there. The pasta is fresh. Tom had fish that was caught that day. I mean this place rocks.

I have pictures but they suck hairy balls because I took them with Tom's iPhone since I forgot my camera. DOH! The food looks so much better than my pictures! It was a wonderful way to celebrate my birthday! I wnder if I can convince Tom to take me back to celebrate our un-birthdays.


  1. Fried brie?? Wow...Sounds awesome...

  2. That's like a buffet except it's all on separate plates!

    Happy Birthday, Caro!

  3. this looks like an amazing dinner! i have always wanted to try chicken marsala, now at least i have a visual!!!