Friday, February 24, 2012

Scout has anger issues!

Tom was out of town last week. Now when he goes out of town, I lock myself in the bedroom at night because I figure if someone breaks in, they will have to break that door down to get to me. That would give me time to either grab the baseball bat,rubbing alcohol or jump the hell out of the window.

Of course, Tom thinks I am nuts but I always remind him that I am an L.A. girl and know about break-ins, murders, serial killers and crime. I left L.A. but L.A. never leaves me. I am always prepared. I always lock my car and doors and am always on alert. We do live in a small town where nothing happens but it can. Even small town people can go nuts and can do bad things.

Anyway, when Shawn was alive, she wouldn't mind being locked in for the night. She would sleep all night with me and never bother me one bit. Scout, on the other hand, hates being locked in. She will start trying to open the door by sticking her little paw underneath the door and pulling on it. Then she starts scratching at the door for hours. She starts crying and whining and never lets me sleep.

The first night Tom was gone, I had to lock her out. She started her nonsense and shenanigans and I needed to go to work the next morning so I threw her out of the room. She was scratching outside the door but then went away. It's not like there isn't another bed or sofas or chairs she can sleep in. She is just a brat.

The next morning, on my way out to work, I notice that Scout got her revenge. Our back room has a futon and the futon is a catch all for stuff. It also is the resting place for my giant Speedy Gonzales and my stuffed lion, Leo.

I walk by the room and see that during the night Scout must have raged she was locked out and went crazy and knocked Speedy and Leo off the futon. Even Speedy's tiara fell off! That was just hateful on her part. I can't prove it was her but unless some crazy stuffed toy serial killer came into the house that night, there is only one suspect. Brat!


  1. she's soooo pretty!!! and omg i think of that stuff too. i sleep on the couch, which is right by the front door, floor level. logic would say, as you did, lock yourself in a bedroom, more trouble than its worth, but for some reason i feel safer there than upstairs locked away!!

  2. Maybe you could consider a cat door on your bedroom too small for a serial killer to fit through.

    The Good Luck Duck