Friday, March 30, 2012

Our traveling companions

We are headed off to Costa Rica for a week. Of course, Scout is none too happy to be left with the house/cat sitter. She dreams of traveling but always gets stuck at home. Oh well.

Last year when I went to Costa Rica, I took Flat Stanley. Well Flat Stanley is back for more adventures. He is also bringing his friend, Flat Benito along. Benito is the blonde one with the suit.

Flat Stanley belongs to my friend at work who coordinates the Flat Stanley program. Flat Benito is coming along because one of the kids at school did not have anyone to send him to so my friend asked if I was willing to take along an extra Stanley. I agreed because I am such a good and wonderful human being. LOL

I won't be posting a lot when I am gone. But hopefully I will have some great pictures to post when I get back. It's always good to go see the family and have a little down time.


  1. that is hilarious! at least flat stanley has a traveling companion this time!

    enjoy your still totally jealous!

  2. Have tons of fun in Costa Rica