Friday, April 27, 2012

Cold, Car and Gardening, Oh My!

Last weekend, we got crazy and did a lot of gardening. On Sunday, I got sick. Blergh! Monday I woke up with a sore throat but I had to go into work because I had scheduled to have my car fixed. It had this weird vibration for months and I worried it was something serious.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE my car. It's not that I am a car person. It's that my car is so darn cute and it's probably the best car I have ever had. I have a little Honda Del Sol. My nickname for it is: The Mini Car. I have had the Mini Car for about 8 or 9 years now and I LOVE IT.

The Honda Del Sol is a two seater car. Technically, it is not a sports car because it only has 4 cylinders. But it is sporty enough for me. It is also a "convertible" car. It has a top you can take off and store in the truck. I have never ever taken off the top because I am not into convertibles. I am not a wind in my hair while driving girl. Tom has been itching for years to take the top off but never has although I know he wants to.

In Florida, it was the perfect car because of the flat roads. It also handles well in the rain. When we moved to Santa Fe, it was the perfect car except in the winter. The first time it snowed and I went to work, I ended up sliding and in a ditch. Not a big ditch, mind you, but a ditch nonetheless.

Here in North Carolina, it is not the best car in the winter since most of my 45 minute drive to work takes place on windy mountain roads. My second winter here, I hit black ice and almost went into the river. The car is just too lightweight. But when the roads are dry, it is the perfect mountain driving car ever.

Well, a few months ago it started having this weird vibration. My first thought was the tire but then I thought maybe the shocks or struts were trashed. Or maybe it was the axle or ball bearings, right? I imagined the worst as usual. But since it was winter, I knew I could use Tom's car for a few months since his Honda is bigger and better than mine. We traded cars.

Monday, I finally sucked it up and decided to take the car in and get the bad news. That is why I couldn't stay home in the comfort of my own bed and nurse myself to health. Luckily, the news wasn't so bad. I just needed new tires. Now I could kick myself because if I had known that months ago, I would have done it before and saved myself from the $70-80 gas fill ups on Tom's giant car. My mini car, fills up on half of that and lasts a lot longer. Sigh. Oh well.

So I got all new tires and an oil change and my mechanic, who I think is fantastic, also fixed my passenger side door free of charge. Someone at the University where Tom works rammed it just enough to not allow the door to close. But my mechanic was able to pull out the ding and make the door open. You can't even tell someone hit it. I honestly would hate getting rid of my little car.

I love my little Honda. Sure, it's old - 11 years old. It has dings. No power locks. No cruise control and it is a little worn but it's my baby. I also resigned myself in the first few days of driving it on I-95 between Boynton Beach and West Palm Beach next to giant semi-trucks that if I ever got into an accident in the Mini Car, I would die immediately. Morbid? Sure. But it's the truth. I drive it fearlessly now and it also makes me a better driver because I always have to be on the lookout for bigger cars not seeing me.

Anyhow, I just rambled way too long about my car which is a little crazy but oh well. I do feel better today.  I am taking it easy today and doing inside the house and blog stuff because this weekend I have to do a lot of gardening. The plants I ordered came in and we have to get them in the ground or in containers before they die off. I am just hoping it is not too soon. But if it is, we can always buy more. Stay tuned for more garden pictures in the months to come.


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  1. i had the SAME problem when I had my stratus. I delayed taking it in forever because i thought the same thing, it had to be the wheel bearings, I needed ONE new tire, and the problem was gone! glad your problem was not something that cost a fortune!!