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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Harvesting from the lettuce bed

We were out in the garden and our arugula is going like gangbusters. I harvested some and cleaned and stored it for dinner tonight! This along with some radishes I harvested will make a delish salad.

We now have baby tomatoes, little baby squash and cucumbers and, of course, herbs! Some carrots are starting to pop up and the broccoli rabe is actually getting bigger. I have not seen any specialty squash or cabbage yet. I bet when I am in Costa Rica all the veggies will start coming in.


  1. Your on a roll with your garden, so cool!! I did not get a chance to plant anything yet, but hoping to plant some herbs!

  2. Very nice! I hope to grow more vegetables soon, I have some herbs and just planted a fig tree. Saludos!