Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fancy Eats

Tuesday we had a mini-cocktail party for Tom's Faculty and Staff. Of course, I was roped in to do food. I usually put out a fancier spread than this but we knew that not that many people were coming and Tom wanted simple.

I cheated and went the cheese plate route. But good cheeses! I love cheese. I got some good sausage as well. I also bought some Hormel Deli bites becuase I am a sucker for those. They are so tasty.

I made homemade deviled eggs. I also made my in-my-world-famous bruschetta with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden. And lastly, I made some goat cheese and roasted tomato tarts.

I had to put out the some hummus and chips and dip, just because it is not a party with some of the usual stuff. It went well but now we have cheese up the wazoo. But I don't think it's a big problem having cheese up the wazoo. Yummy.



  1. It all looks great. I agree that you have to have the usual suspects (deviled eggs), but cheese is great. That bruschetta looks delicious.

  2. I have no doubt it all went over as well as it did. Yummy! And enjoy the wazoo full of cheese. :)

  3. it doesn't have to be "fancy" to be tasty and impressive. You did a great job, now i want a deviled egg LOL

  4. deviled eggs are my favorite party food hands down....hummus is a second, and if the diet is out the door, I love a buffalo chicken dip!!

    sounds delish! I love the presentation, it looks really inviting!!

  5. I have never tried half of it, but it looks very good!

  6. You just reminded me that I boiled eggs today to make some of deviled eggs.