Saturday, September 29, 2012

Accidents Happen

If you read my blog, you know I have a long commute to work. 45 minutes on a good day. I only work 25 miles from work but my drive is on a 2 lane road through the mountains. It's a great drive but long.

So this past week, I am driving to work when all of a sudden the traffic comes to a dead stop. On a two lane road, any accident will stop traffic because there is nowhere to go. I figured there must have been an accident. Usually, accidents on the road aren't too bad because it's tough to really speed on windy mountain roads.

Luckily, I had a beautiful view of Glenville Lake where I was stopped. I sat there for about 15 minutes and I figured I better call work and let them know I would be late. When I called, I was told that the accident was a pretty bad one. In a small town, news travels quickly. I couldn't see anything from my vantage point but as people got frustrated and starting turning around, I kept moving up.

After 30 minutes, I started thinking that we might be stuck here longer than I thought. I started seeing people exit their cars and start walking toward the accident.

I sat around in the comfort of the mini car, listening to Luis Miguel, facebooking and tweeting. I was also checking emails. When I finally looked down at the clock, I realized that I had almost been there an hour. I decided to turn off the car.

More and more people started leaving and I kept moving up. I got up to the point where I saw the accident. There were cops and emergency vehicles. The accident occurred where the 2 lane road becomes 3 lanes so people can pass the pokey cars. It was the worse place for an accident because it blocked everything.

Finally I saw the man who was in the car behind me coming back to his car so I stopped him and asked what was going on. Apparently there was a head on collision. He said there were no fatalities but someone was hurt.

He also said that the problem was that everyone was waiting for the State Troopers to show up because, until they did, the cars could not be moved. In the meantime, I found out that he was also a new parent at the school where I work. So we chatted a while.

As we were chatting, a man in a truck came by and told us that it might be another hour or so before we could get moving. He was going to take another route that would be another 25 minutes but at least it was clear.

Me and the parent looked at each other and decided to follow the guy up the other route and take our chances. As we were leaving, the state troopers finally showed up. I have no idea what took them so long.

The new road was super scenic but even more windy than the usual road. It took us a while but when we arrived in town, there was absolutely no traffic coming from the road we were on.

It was the right decision to take the long way to Cashiers.

When I got to work, I got conflicting info. I heard someone was airlifted to Asheville. I heard it was more than 2 cars. I heard it was student at the local university. Again, in a small town, news travels fast and sometimes it is not always the real story. And about an hour later, we had students arriving to school because of the accident.

I was just glad it was not anyone I knew. In a small town, when there is an accident, it might be someone you know.

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  1. I was scared at first that you were in an accident when I read the title! I hope the injuries weren't too serious. :(