Friday, September 7, 2012

The Office "I Don't" Care Bear Spreading Inspiration

The other day, my friend B at work made up these little bears to teach the new kindergartners how to be good students. The bears had little messages like: Raise your hand, Respect your classmates and other important stuff students should know. They are great for the little kids.

B had laminated the bears to re-use. Because the bears are laminated, you can write on them and then erase the message. I thought that was brilliant. B is crafty that way.

She had an extra bear so I suggested we put it on my door and put our own messages on it. That idea was poo pooed by B because she knew what kind of messages I would put on the bear. They would not be appropriate for the kids.

So we decided to write inspirational messages. Now people who don't know me well, love the messages. People who know me well do not buy the fact that these are really inspirational messages. Those people are haters.

P.S. The other day we decided to call the bear the "I Don't" Care bear. Yes, we are childish and immature but thought it was funny.

 And yes, this message is from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. tee hee


  1. I knew I recognized that last quote!

  2. What a cute idea! Just remember to use your inspirational quotes for good, not evil :P