Monday, October 1, 2012

Dreaming in Cuban

The one thing I love about social media (blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc.) is that you meet people you would have never met and you meet people from all over the country or world for that matter.

Case in point. Saturday I am checking my email and I find one from someone who found my blog while looking at a directory for Latina Bloggers. She realized that, like her, I was a Latina city girl living in the country.  So she decided to reach out.

It's always strange when someone emails you out of the blue but once I read her email, I realized that we had a lot in common. She was born in California, like me. She lived in Miami, like me. She is married and her child is a doggie. Mine is a cat but close enough. And she lives in the boonies, like me.

She is Cuban and I am Costa Rican but we are both Latinas. I found out she lives no more than 1.5 hours from me close to a town that we have passed through on our many trips to the Atlanta airport. After a few emails, we decided we need to meet.

She also asked me if I had been to Mindy's Bakery here in Sylva because it was owned by another Latina. OMG, who knew? I had never ever been but since on Saturday Tom and I were going to Radio Shack to get him a new iPhone, I said we had to find it. It was like a quarter of a mile from the Radio Shack.

I was destined to visit the bakery. When my new friend said that the bakery sold pastelitos, I was so there. Pastelitos are like puff pastry filled with stuff. Cuban pastelitos are filled with guava and cream cheese. If you have never had a guava and cream cheese pastelito, I am sad for you. Truly, truly sad for you. It is a flaky bite of deliciousness.

So we find the bakery and Mindy has not only the guava and cream cheese pastelitos but also meat pastelitos. I cannot even describe how delicious meat pastelitos are. But they are. Mind you, this is not a Cuban bakery but a bakery that has Cuban goodness. Mindy's has all other types of wonderful pastries and cakes. She makes wedding cakes as well.
We ended up talking to Mindy for a while and it was great. When we got home, I hoarked down a whole mess of pastelitos and left a few for Sunday morning so I could have them with a cup of coffee. I was in hog heaven!

Eating one of those guava and cheese pastelitos reminded me of my days when I lived in Miami. I would go to the local coffee shop near my house and grab my cafe con leche and a pastel and then head off to the University of Miami for classes. They were one staple of my diet in Miami.

How I love all things Cuban especially Cuban food. Mindy said she was looking to open a Cuban restaurant here in Sylva and I hope she does because that would be one hell of a thing. Dios mio, I can only dream of one day being able to go out to dinner and having picadilllo, ropa vieja, lechon, arroz blanco con frijoles negros y pan con bistec. Sigh, right now it's only a dream.



  1. Love this blog! Most of all, I love Cuban pastelitos and having met you through your blog. By the way I make some kick@$$ picadillo and empanadas. :)

  2. I need to find these in New Jersey. I have never met a pastry I didn't like.