Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our California/Nevada trip! First stop Indian Wells, CA

I know I have been very lax about writing about our trip to California and Nevada. When we got back, we had trouble adjusting back to East Coast time. We also had to go back to work. Work has been busy and then I also have my other blog to deal with. I think we are finally back on schedule so I thought I would share a little of our adventure. I will have more pictures in later posts as well.

Originally, our plan was to go to Vegas for a few days because Tom had a conference. But a few months ago, I had won a two night stay at the Marriott Renaissance Esmeralda Resort in Indian Wells, California. I almost turned it down because we had no plans to travel to California but decided to keep it.

We figured that maybe we could take a week off at some point and go out that way. Luckily, when Tom mentioned Vegas, I reminded him about the certificate. After checking schedules and travel time, we decided we could swing the trip.

Then when I was visiting my family in Costa Rica in May, my sister mentioned she and my mom would be in Los Angeles during October. After checking schedules and such, we saw we could actually meet in Palm Springs for a couple of days. Of course, most of our trips start with us driving all the way to Atlanta and spending the night so we can fly out of the Atlanta airport This trip was no different. We arrived Saturday and then flew out Sunday.

We actually flew into Las Vegas since that was the last stop on the trip. So we got to Vegas, rented a car and took off towards Indian Wells. The desert is a drab and boring place and the drive was exactly that.

We were starving because we had left Atlanta at the crack of dawn and it was a pretty long trip. We had decided to stop in Barstow. I had seen a sign for Tommy's Original Burgers and I had my heart set on one of their chili burgers with chili fries. But along the way, we kept seeing signs that said: Stop At Peggy Sue's Diner.

After about the 20th sign, I pulled out my Droid and did a Trip Advisor search on Peggy Sue's Diner. It actually got good ratings and the menu looked good. So we decided to be tourists and stop there.

It was the best decision ever. It was everything a roadside diner should be and more. There were all sorts of funky things on the walls. There were also tons of celebrity pictures on the walls. The waitresses were all decked on in diner uniforms. It was cool.

The food was delicious. Authentic diner food. I had meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans. Tom had the fried chicken. After lunch, we visited the the gift shop that was filled with lots of cool retro stuff.

Then we got back on the road and headed toward Indian Wells where the resort was located. One of the most interesting things we saw on the road was a giant wind farm. I am all about alternative energy so it was nice to see that California was embracing it and using it!

When we finally got to our resort, we were hot and tired. luckily, our room was ready and we were able to check in immediately. the room was great but the view from the room was even better. We had a beautiful view of the pool area with some mountains in the back. To see the room video, click here.

We unpacked then got into our swimsuits and went down to the pool for awhile. Then we had dinner and went to bed early because we were still on East Coast time. The next morning we got up, had breakfast, went to the fitness room and exercised (yes I know this is shocking) and then went to sit by the pool for the whole day. It was fantastic.

We swam, relaxed, read and had lunch by the pool. Then we had dinner and went to bed again because we were tired still. The next day was check out day. We got up had breakfast and then got ready to check out and head on to our next adventure in Palm Springs.

I have to say that our stay the Renaissance Esmeralda was fantastic. The hotel is very fancy. The room was perfect. The pool was fantastic. The food was good. The best part of the whole experience was the staff. Everyone there was super friendly and helpful. There was not one staff member who was not nice. They went out of their way to help out.

I am adding more picture below for you to view. I will continue our California/Nevada adventures on another post. Our next stop is the Hotel California!

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