Monday, October 29, 2012

Welcome to the Hotel California, Palm Springs, CA

The next stop on our trip was Palm Springs. We checked into the Hotel California. Yes, the Hotel California. When Tom found this hotel, I knew I had to stay there. How could we not?

When we left the Renaissance Esmeralda, we drove into Palm Springs. We were not sure if our hotel room would be ready but luckily it was. We were meeting my mom and sister who were driving in from Los Angeles.

We checked in and immediately threw on our swimsuits and went to lounge around the pool. It was heaven. Check out the video of the hotel room and part of the hotel.

I can't tell you how wonderful this hotel is. It is not fancy or elegant but it was so much like you would think Hotel California should be. It had lush foliage, Spanish tiles on the roofs, fountains and just had a great vibe.

My mom and sister arrived a few hours later and we all met around the pool and then went out to a delicious Mexican dinner. That night was debate night so me, my sister and Tom piled onto our bed and watched the debate. My mom went to her room since she is not interested in politics.

The next day Tom got up early and went hiking. If you know me, you know that is not my deal. I hate hiking. So I stayed in bed for awhile and then went out to breakfast with my mom and my sister. When we got back, we put on our swimsuits and lounged around the pool all day.

The great thing about this hotel as well is that they offered free drinks, including beer and wine, and snacks all day. They left some in our room but you could also go to the small kitchen on the property and grab more. It was fabulous.

For lunch, my sister and Tom went to get us Pollo Loco. If you never had Pollo Loco, I feel sad for you because it is the best. I had not had Pollo Loco in over 10 years! I saw it when Tom and I were driving to the Hotel California. I vowed I would get that damn chicken if it killed me. Tom wasn't as enthusiastic as I was about it but he had never had Pollo Loco so he didn't know. Look, I steer Tom wrong on a lot of things. But I never steer him wrong when it comes to food.

Because we were so comfortable poolside, they went and got lunch and brought it back. Luckily, there was a table by the pool where we set up for lunch. It was perfect. It was like having a picnic. The chicken was as I remembered. And Tom loved it! We ate, cleaned up and then hit the pool once again. Heaven.

We literally stayed out all day. The nice thing about 90 degree weather in the desert is that it is a dry heat so it is not that bad unless you get too much sun. For once, we didn't get too much sun. We got enough.

For dinner, we headed out to a nice Italian meal. Then again, we headed back to Hotel California and lounged around the hot tub area and talked. Then it was time to pack and get some rest because the third part of trip was beginning the next day.

After breakfast with my mom and sister, we started our 4 drive back to Las Vegas and the Flamingo Hotel, where we were staying. We had a fantastic time. I would have to say our stay at the Hotel California was the best part of the trip.

The hotel itself is comfortable and wickedly clean! I loved they provided us with free drinks and snacks. The pool was great. It wasn't huge but it had a deep end and the hotel provided giant move able umbrellas that were great because they provided much needed shade. They also offered bikes if you were so inclined to go biking around Palm Springs.

The location was great. It was close to downtown and there were plenty of stores and restaurants in walking distance.

The staff was super duper friendly. The owner's daughter Lucy was great and Jay,the manager, went over and above to make us feel welcome. If you are ever in Palm Springs, I say go stay at the Hotel California. Trust me, you can check out and you can leave. I didn't want to leave though. I wish they had made me stay.

Next stop, Vegas Baby!!!


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