Sunday, December 30, 2012

Graceland, Memphis, TN - USA

I have been lazy about posting but I had so many pictures I had to go through them all and pick and choose which I would post.

Our trip to Memphis was great! Graceland was everything I thought it would be and more. It was cool! I have to say that it was definitely one of the most interesting places I have ever been.

Our trip started with a long drive to Memphis. It was about 8 hours from our house. It was also wicked chilly in Memphis, which was surprising. Tom had booked a hotel about half a block from Beale Street so it was the perfect place.

The night we got in, we headed over to BB King's House of Blues. Yes, it's a little touristy but Tom found out they would have live music. It was great. The band was really good and it was nice hearing a little blues and rock n' roll while having some BBQ.

The next day, after breakfast, we headed out to Graceland. The weird thing about Graceland is that it is located in a busy city area. It was strange. I bet a zillion years ago, it was not a busy area and quite private but now it's not.

You don't drive up to Graceland. You go and park across the street and then you are taken there by bus. It was so exciting driving up the house. The first thing that struck me was that it was actually a super duper modest house for a huge superstar like Elvis.

Then the tour began. You are given a little headset that guides you through the house and gives you little tidbits about Elvis and Graceland. We started at the living room and worked our way through the first floor. You go by his parents room, the dining room, the kitchen and the jungle room.

It is all very cheesy and exactly what I have heard it was. But, I also had to remember that back in the 70's everyone would have been totally impressed but the gaudiness of the house. It was fabulous!

Luckily, it was cold and early because there were lots of people but it could have been worse. After the first floor, you are sent down to the basement area. There is a funky blue and yellow media room and the pool room that has walls covered in fabric and is one of the funkiest rooms I have ever seen.

It is so awesome to think that Elvis once walked through these rooms and might still be roaming the house in spirit.

after the basement, you are once again sent upstairs and you pass the Jungle Room again. I could not get any good pictures because you cannot use your flash and the pictures came out dark and blurry.

Then you go outside and back into the little building that served as Vernon's office. There is also a little shooting range in the same building. There is Lisa Marie's play set and the yard. There was also a horse and, again, it struck me that this was such a small house. I wondered if Elvis had lived, would he be living at Graceland still or would he have a McMansion in Vegas.

Another building houses a zillion gold records and costumes and tons of Elvis memorabilia. I was in awe of all the gold records and awards Elvis received. Walking through this building was pretty awesome.

The pool area outside was actually quite small. We had a bigger pool when we lived in Boynton Beach. But it was nice. The racquetball court has been turned into an exhibit with a more gold records and more costumes. It is pretty amazing as well.

Outsider is also the meditation garden area that also serves as the burial place for Elvis's family and Elvis himself.

It's strange that they are buried there but why not, right? It is quite tacky but beautiful all in a strange way.

Once you get shuttled back to the complex across the street, you can shop or eat. There is also the Elvis Car Museum, another exhibit with more Elvis costumes as well as outfits from Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Bono and many more stars.

The other cool thing is that they have Elvis' plane and jet on site as well. We were able to go into the plane and jet and look around. Again, by today's standards it was all very modest.

That is Graceland. I loved it. It was someplace I always wanted to go and I finally did it. I would highly recommend it to anyone who even likes one Elvis song. I guess in the end, I am a huge Elvis fan. I love his music. I even love his movies. And, I am so glad I knocked Graceland off my bucket list. Next up, maybe Mount Rushmore? Who knows.

Check back tomorrow or the next day for my rundown on our trip to Sun Studio, more Beale Street and then on the way out of town, I went over to the Lorraine Motel. Check out more pictures of Graceland below! I will add another post with the rest of the pictures tomorrow.


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  1. So is it true that it's kind of in a bad area of town? That's what I've heard. I didn't realize it was that modest though.

    Glad you had so much fun!