Monday, December 3, 2012

I was called out for being neglectful

It has come to my attention from one of my loyal readers, Tom (my husband), that I am a bad blogger and have been neglecting this blog.

He is not happy that I am not updating the blog with all my boring life stories.

This is what I have to say. If he took me out more often and took me on a fabulous trip, then maybe I would have something to talk about.

Right now, life is dull. All I do is work. Then all I do is work on my other blog: The Art of Random Willynillyness. That is my "business" blog and I have been really busy this holiday season. It's a good thing but that means less time for this blog.

Of course, if there was something going on around here, I would definitely write about it but right now there is nothing.

There aren't even any good pictures to post since the landscape around here is now dry and brown and boring.


  1. I hope Tom spanks you for this! You guys go on more trips than anyone I know. Bad Carolyn, you're spoiled. ;)

    I know you well enough to know you must have stories, even when life is 'dull'.

  2. Tammingirl, Thanks for calling her out on the trip thing. "dull life" could be an interesting post don't you think?

  3. Plus I know you've been taking her to see movies and to nice dinners. She's a bad, bad, spoiled little girl. Tsk tsk Caro! hehehehe