Saturday, December 22, 2012

If all else fails, tuna!

Scout was always very smart. She grew up on the streets for the first few months of her life until she found two suckers to take her in. Then she has been living in the lap of luxury ever since.

She was always smarter than Shawn who, bless her heart, was dumb as a rock. But Scout is tricky. She knows how to open the folding closet doors. She has figured out how to open the bathroom cabinet doors. She knows if an outside door is ajar, she can sneak out and get loose. I wish she would figure out how to turn on the vacuum and clean the house but she is too smart for that.

She also always seems to know when it's her time to go to the vet. One, because we put the cat carrier in the house. She has learned that means she is probably going on a trip and not a nice one. Even if she doesn't see the carrier, she suspects something is afoot.

A few weeks ago, I had to take her to the vet. I hid the carrier so she wouldn't catch on. Her appointment was around 10 a.m. so I sort of pretended that I was relaxing. We hadn't fed her since she needed blood work so I think that was her first clue. Anyhow, here I am pretending to do nothing but the minute I got to get dressed, she knew.

I got ready and when I went to find her, she was under the king sized bed. I mention king size because there is an exact spot under the bed she cannot be reached. She knows this spot. So there she was under the bed. I had 5 minutes to get her out. I didn't know what to do. I tried reaching but she too too far in. I tried to push her out with a hanger but no luck. I tried tempting her with cat food to no avail. Then I brought out the secret weapon: tuna.

Scout has never been a big eater. She is also a picky eater. But there is nothing she likes more than tuna. So I grabbed a can and put some on a dish then lured her out from under the bed, snatched her up, stuck her in the carrier and took her to the vet to be poked and prodded and stuck with a needle. But hey it worked. And in my defense, she got tuna when she got home.

So on Thursday, I had to take her to the vet once again for her rabies shot. The appointment was at 4 p.m. this time. I am doing my thing and she was curled up in the bed on my Obama/Biden 2012 sweatshirt. She loves that sweatshirt. In her defense, it is so soft and warm but now I every time I go to wear it, she is sleeping on it. GRRR

Anyway, she had been there all day until around 3:15 p.m. when she decided to come out to the living room. That made me worried because I still had at least 30 minutes before I would have to leave.

I had to be careful because she saw the carrier. But she came to the sofa where I was sitting and jumped up next to me. I thought if I don't move then I can grab her easily and stick her in the carrier. Wrong.

The minute I moved, she knew because she jumped down ran to the hallway and looked back at me with a look that said: I am onto you. Rats!! I tried to pretend I was going to the back room for no reason but she was under the bed in 2 seconds.

I knew I had no time so I got the tuna out and tried to lure her out. Of course, she is not that stupid for tuna. She didn't budge. So I had to get creative. I put the tuna right outside from under the bed and then quietly hopped on the bed and waited.

I saw the bed skirt move right near the tuna but she did stick her head totally out. I saw the bed skirt move again but still no Scout. Time was ticking down.

It moved one more time and then nothing. I thought I was finished and I would have to call the vet and cancel. But I stayed on the bed, not moving and barely breathing when I see the bed skirt move again but at another location. I see her stick out her head and look around and then she goes back under.

But then I see the bed skirt move again and she slinks out and get closer to the tuna. I pounced on her and snatched her up. She was screaming to beat jesus because she knew I had outsmarted her. I put her in the carrier and drove like a demon the the vet. I was almost late.

I am not sure she will fall for the tuna trick again because she usually learns from her mistakes. But then again, she just might because Scout loves her tuna.

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