Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!!

On Monday morning, we were invaded by a movie crew. Tom runs the Stage and Screen department at the university. One of the students in the Film program at the University was doing her senior thesis and needed a filming location. She found one and it did not work. So one of the faculty members, who had been at our house, asked if he could use our front door for filming.

We agreed.

It was nuts. At 8:30 am a convoy of cars and trucks came down our street and from all those cars a zillion students swarmed out. Then our house, driveway and yard were taken over. Lights went up, cameras were taken out and there were a zillion people milling around.

It was like 20 degrees in the morning and we decided to open up our guest room and our guest bathroom to the filmmakers. OMG, we have never had so many people in the house at one time. Now our house is tiny so if you have more than 10 people in it at the same time, it feels crowded.

But it was the right thing to do since there was no other place that they would be able to change and get ready. Plus, unless they brought their own port-a-potty they had no other place to go.

I have to admit that it was unnerving having like 30 college students around while I was trying to watch the inauguration. I really dislike people in my house in the first place. But these were all strangers and it was a little chaotic. But I sucked it up because I had agreed to it.

Initially, they were going to use the front door and yard. Then they needed the foyer. So we had a set up in the foyer and outside. I am sure the neighbors were horrified because there were cars parked all over and a lot of activity.

I also let the kids set up the catering in the dining room because it was so cold outside. So there were people coming in and out of the front door and front porch. I tried to block it out. Scout did too. She spent her time running from our bedroom to the sun room and back to the bedroom and under the bed. She is like me. We are antisocial that way.

I have to admit it was novel at first but then I got a little tired of the nonsense. But, overall, it was sort of cool. I realized how hard it was to make a movie, even a small student movie. There are so many people involved and so many things that have to happen.

Every shot has to be set up and there are a zillion takes. Then everything has to be moved again and different angles have to be shot. There seems to be a lot of standing around and waiting for many members of the film crew. I felt bad because that seemed awfully boring. I invited anyone in the house to watch the inauguration with me, if they wanted.

Though it was a fun experience  I am not sure I would open my house up again to a film crew unless it involves a lot of money and Colin Farrell.

In the end, it took twice as long as it was supposed but the kids were actually very nice and polite. I didn't like all of them calling me ma'am and Mrs. Salzman though. I felt like their mother. It's a hard hard thing getting old!

I did not miss the inauguration and that's all I cared about. It was a good day to see President Obama sworn in again. It was awesome watching all the pomp and circumstance. I loved the president's speech as well.

I am hoping that these next four years bring about more change. I thought it was huge he tried to be so inclusive in his speech and proud that on the day we celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. the president seemed to be striving for equality for all.

If you haven't figured it out as yet, I am all about equality for all!