Monday, January 7, 2013

The Curse of the (Personal) Space Invaders

Yesterday we headed off to Asheville for a movie and late lunch. It's sort of sad we have to drive an hour to go to the movies and a decent meal but that's life. We went to see "Promised Land" with Matt Damon. It was a good movie and I would recommend it. Matt is always amazing. I LOVE him!!

But, it is weird because Tom and I seem to attract people. And not in a good way. What I mean by that is that almost every time we go to a movie, inevitably, someone will sit next to us or behind us.

There could be a zillion empty seats but they will come and sit right behind us or next to us. It happened yesterday. The theater had, maybe, 15 people in it and about 100+ empty seats. Where did this couple sit? Right behind us. There were choices people, choices.

If the theater is full, I usually can't complain because that's just what happens. But we usually go to an early movie and we never see a movie on opening weekend. It's rare we are in a full theater at any time.

We always see it coming though. It is usually the people who walk into the theater talking or acting indecisive or carrying a whole lot of stuff or stinking of perfume. Yesterday, the woman who sat behind us must have had a bottle of patchouli on because it almost killed us.

Anyway, we know. We see it coming. It is a feeling we get. We see it in their walk. The minute we see the offenders, we look at each other and know they will gravitate to us. We don't know why but it just happens. Bam, personal space invaded.

Right about now you are saying: "Carolyn it is not your space", right? But it is. When there are 200 other seats to choose from, don't choose those close to ones that are already taken. Think about it. Look around and move one more row. It's just common courtesy.

You are probably also saying: "What a B you are Carolyn", right? Or thinking that I am making this up but I am not. It happens at least 2 out of 4 times when we are in a movie theater. One time there were 6 people in a movie and some creepy guy came and sat right behind us. Then he proceeded to make noise, kick the seat and be a nuisance. We moved.

Last year, when I was in Costa Rica it happened as well. We even had assigned seats. Yes, in the fancy movie theaters in Costa Rica, you get to choose your seats. But what happened? Some people chose the seats right behind me. There was no one there and they could see the seats were taken when they picked their seats. WTH? I am not even safe in another country.

There have been other times that we have moved or had to tell people to be quiet and/or stop kicking the chair. It is never fun to have to do that.

One of the reasons we stopped going to movies for over 5 years, was this very reason. People seem to forget that although you can eat and drink in movie, you shouldn't talk, or keep your phone on or pretend you are at home watching TV.

It's crazy. I don't know why they do it. I wish I did. Maybe we have kind faces or maybe people's energy is bonded to us. God only knows but it is a given that if there is an empty movie theater someone will come and invade our space.

Sigh. I keep telling Tom it's time to get that 84 inch screen TV with surround sound and movie seats theater seats for the house. But he poo-poos that so we are stuck with curse of being attractive to personal space invaders.

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