Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Impossible Dream! And My Confession about TV's Gomer Pyle, Jim Nabors.

The other day I read that Jim Nabors got married to his longtime partner. It was funny because it had been decades since I even thought of Jim Nabors. But the story made me happy. There were always rumors that Jim was gay but they were neither confirmed or unconfirmed. It never made a difference to me.

I do have to confess that I am a Jim Nabors fan. I loved watching him on Gomer Pyle USMC. That was such a fun show! And I actually like his music, thanks to my mami. I actually know the lyrics to a lot of his music. Don't judge people, don't judge.

You are asking yourself now, What the heck is wrong with Carolyn? Jim Nabors? Well, yes, Jim Nabors.

When I was very little, there was a period of time when my mom stayed at home with us. Mainly with me because by that time my sister would have been in Kindergarten. I would spend days alone in my little world. I would play outside, climb on the roof and, generally, do what little kids do.

I remember my mom worked at home sometimes doing sewing. Now, my memories are a little iffy at this point in my life because I am old but I do remember that. She would work and sometimes I would be inside. But mainly, I would be outside.

I remember we had a rose garden right outside the back door. I would pretend that was my rose garden and play in and around the roses. I remember we had a little playhouse in the backyard. Sometimes, I would go play there. We also had fruit trees all around and I would climb them. One of my most vivid memories of when I was a child was getting stuck in a tree and my mom coming out and taking pictures of me while I freaked out because there were bumblebees around. I hate bees.

But sometimes, my mom would play music. I loved music. My favorites were the Archies and some Classic Rock music. I remember my uncle left a tons of albums in our house while he was away in Vietnam. Sometimes, if I was lucky, my mom would play that music for me. I think that is where my love of Classic Rock began. I remember listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Rare Earth. I loved Rare Earth. But my uncle only had one Rare Earth album but I remember I loved it.

But mostly, my mom played Jim Nabors and Tom Jones. Yes, I know the lyrics to a zillion Tom Jones songs as well. And to this day, I still love Tom Jones. I actually liked him more than Jim Nabors. Jim's music was more sedate and boring. But I would sing along nonetheless. Tom's music was more peppy and you could actually groove to it.

And trust me, dance I would! I would always dance. It was one of my favorite things to do.

So it's funny when I read about Jim getting married, all these musical memories came back to me. Memories of my childhood spent with my mom in our house in Inglewood, California listening to his music.

Plus, I was also happy that maybe what seemed an "Impossible Dream" to Mr. Nabors all those decades ago, has become an actual dream. I love that gay people can now marry if they so wish too. I only wish that it was the law of the land because it is not fair that in this country of "Equal Right for All" not everyone has equal rights.

Congratulations Mr. Nabors and thank you for being part of my childhood.

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