Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Be Our Guest Restaurant at the New Fantasyland #disneydining

Our first stop at the Magic Kingdom on the first official day of the Taste of Disney event was brunch at "Be Our Guest". "Be Our Guest" is a quick service dining option for lunch and a full service restaurant for dinner. If you are a Beauty and the Beast fan you will adore it.

When you first walk up, it is like you are walking into the Beast's castle. Up top over the restaurant is the Beast's castle in miniature but it looks like you are looking at it from far away. Then you cross over the bridge to get to the entrance. The bridge and door are flanked by gargoyles and lion statues. The entrance door is pretty impressive!

Once inside, you are in the foyer area and then you turn to the right and are in a hallway with suits of armor. Then you move into the Beast's Parlor where you find the ordering terminals. You also see a fireplace and flags. I tell you, the attention to detail is amazing. You really feel like you are in the castle!

In the Beast's Parlor, you can place your order on touchscreen terminals. The new system of ordering is different. You can go to the terminal, check out the what the restaurant has to offer and then make your selections on the touchscreen. It is pretty easy but I could see where the line can get backed up with the system. Once you place your order, you can pay with a credit card or your room key, if you are staying at a Disney resort and opt for that service. If not, they have regular cash registers as well.

Once your order is finished, you receive a little rose to take with you to your seat. There are three rooms where you can sit. The Ballroom, the West Wing and the Rose Gallery. The Ballroom is so pretty. It has all the details including paintings on the ceiling and you can actually see snow falling through the ballroom windows. It is quite lovely.

The West Wing is my favorite room because it is the "forbidden" area. It has the most atmosphere. There is a painting over the fireplace that shows the prince slashed by the beast, then it changes into the beast every so often. It is dark and spooky. The bell jar is also in the room and the rose blooms then dies. I wish I would have gotten a good picture but I didn't. Boo me.

We ate in the Rose Gallery. The little rose you are given is like a mini GPS system. If you decide to start in the Ballroom then move, the servers will know where you are because the rose tells them. The Rose Gallery has a music box in the middle of the room that has the Beauty and Belle dancing the night away. Very cool.

While this is sit down service, you can actually get your drinks and utensils from the refreshment centers in every room. Once you get settled, the servers come around in these little serving carts with your food. I love that because you get to also ogle all the yummy offerings.

They had a yummy variety of french-inspired food. I decided on the french onion soup, veggie quiche and a lemon meringue cupcake. I was still going on the vegetarian theme. I am eating healthier and I had to try and stick to my plan. I love that the Disney restaurants including the quick service ones can make accommodations for any dietary needs. One of the girls in our group was gluten-free and they had gluten free options. They also have vegan options. All you have to do is ask.

My quiche and salad were yummy. The salad was a little plain but it matched well with the veggie quiche. The french onion soup was delicious. The lemon meringue cupcake was so good. It had a little lemon curd in the middle. I was a good girl though and only ate half of my cupcake. Although, I could have very easily shoved the whole cupcake in my piehole in one bite.

I loved the whole experience at "Be Our Guest". If you are a fan of the movie, you will love it. Kids will love it. They also have a kids menu. One thing, we found out that the dinner service is booked 6 months out. So if you plan to visit, make reservations!! You can wait in line for lunch though but it might be a long wait, so get in line early!

Here are more pictures from "Be Our Guest"

Disclosure: I’m was invited to attend this all-expenses paid trip by Disney. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own and are based on my experiences.


  1. We just had lunch there last week. I was very impressed with the efficiency and quality of the food. It was probably the best quick service meal we've had at Disney!

  2. Looks so good and so pretty. We are headed down in June and this will be a must. I cant wait to see the new section in the park. thanks