Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tom's China Trip ~ Food Pictures - Yum

Today is food day!! Yummo. I know I am a successful blogger when I can get my hubby to take food pictures for me while on a trip that I am not even on! WOO!

He said the food was fantastic and they ate like crazy people! He even said they went to a place where all they served was dumplings. That sounded like heaven because I could eat dumplings every day of my life.

Once again, super duper jealous of all the tasty food he ate especially all that pork belly. YUMMO!



Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tom's China Trip ~ Beijing

Tom is back from his amazing trip to China and South Korea. He is allowing me to share some of his photos. For the next few days I will be posting various locations he visited.  I will also be posting pictures from The Great Wall, Guilin, the Forbidden City, Bejing, and the Terracota Soldiers.

And Tom was so good that he took pictures of all the food he ate, just for me since he knows I am a willy-nilly foodie! And let me tell you, these pictures made me more jealous than ever that he was able to go to China!!

Enjoy the pictures. I am living vicariously through them! It's a Tom Takeover of my blog this week!!

These are random photos from around Beijing. Included are some photos of the Olympic Village.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

What I am Watching this Week ~ Being Alone Edition

Tom left me to go to China. I would have done the same. So I can't complain. But left alone, I cannot watch any of the TV shows we rent from Netflix. So I had to change up the queue and find something else.

I love Horror movies! I can watch them all day. The only time I can watch them is to rent them when Tom is out of town. Since he was going to be gone for two weeks, I went nuts and got horror movies and cheesy bad movies.

This is what I watched while Tom was away.

Technically, Tom was still here when we saw this. The reason I rented this was not for the hot guys but because it was directed by Steven Soderbergh. I am a huge Soderbergh fan, until now. OMG, this movie was a hot mess. Not even half naked men putting their business all up in your face could not make this movie bearable. It was slow and boring. I didn't care about one character. The plot was non-existent. I could not believe Steven Soderbergh directed this mess. I was so disappointed. 

I watched the first Twilight and once you watch one or two or three or four, you have to watch all the movies. Tom will not watch any of the Twilight movies and I don't blame him. I started watching because it was about vampires and I love me some vampires. The movies are fine. At least they have a plot.  My only problem with the Twilight movies is the fact that the freaking vampires seem to do fine in the sunlight. They willy-nilly run around during the day. WTF is up with that? Vampires cannot run around in the daylight. There are vampire rules and they should be followed. Even a little fog or clouds do not negate the fact that when vampires are hit with ultraviolet rays, they will blow up. So, when I watch Twilight movies, I have to suck it up and watch them run around during the day and sparkle. I don't like it but what can I do?  It's just wrong. Rant over.

Meh. Val Kilmer overacts for about 3 minutes on screen. I have no idea why he was even in this movie. Then there is Ving Rhames acting all suspicious and creepy. How far have these two fallen!  It's the same old story about people getting stranded and then some creepy guy helps them out. They end up in one place all together in a storm and hilarity ensues. You know, hearing footsteps, cars "mysteriously" being damaged, screaming, dead people, people having nightmares, killings, blood etc.  There is nonsense talk about a cycle being broken and mistakes from the past. And Ving may or may not be the devil Who the hell cares?
 I didn't. Snoozefest. I feel like I wasted 2 hours of my life.
 I would have rather poked my eye with a hot french fry! Blah. 

Oh, I love me some Madea. I don't know why but she makes me laugh. I think I have watched every Madea movie ever made. We have even watched some of the live shows from Tyler Perry. The movies are immature and crazy but entertaining. If you want some fun movies, I would recommend any Madea movie. In fact, I love Tyler Perry movies in general. He has some great dramas. They aren't spectacular but they always have a solid plot, great characters and, generally, a good moral lesson hidden in the movie. 

I am always on the hunt for a great horror movie. This was good but not great. I won't bore you with the plot because it's the same horror plot everyone uses. I watch horror movies because I want to be scared. I want to be creeped out. I want to feel disturbed after a horror movie. I want to be afraid of sleeping. I want to be afraid of being alone in the house. This movie was not the movie I was searching for. For people who aren't seeking horror, it might scare you and creep you out. But for a hardcore horror fan like me, not so much. 

I knew Tom wouldn't watch this. But I was curious. Since I am familiar with the 80's music in the movie, I figured I should watch. This is one of those movies that while you are watching it, you are cursing yourself. Not because you are watching it but because you CANNOT stop watching it. This was one of the most ridiculous movies I have ever seen. From the opening, I said OMG, really? But because it is so terrible, I could not stop watching. It is one of those movies that is a train wreck and there is no way you are going to miss a minute of the wreck.

Alec Baldwin as an old hippie, hilarious. Catherine Zeta Jones as an uptight church lady, scary. But the worst thing of all is Tom Cruise as the superstar rock star of this movie. In the first scene he shows up, he is in a wolf thong. I am not kidding. A thong with a wolf head on it. And he is all tattooed and not in a good way. I still shudder thinking about it and not in a good way.

I am glad that I rented this instead of spending money to go to the movies. It was entertaining only because it was so so so terrible. If you are in for some bad movie camp, rent this movie and mock it.