Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Florida: St. Augustine, Stiltsville and the Coral Castle #traveltuesday

I found a Hodge-Podge of photos when we lived in Florida. I decided to post them all at once because there are so few photos.

I have photos of St. Augustine. I also have a few photos from The Coral Castle that is located in Homestead, FL. It has a great story behind it. And, I also have a few pictures when we were able to visit Stiltsville. Enjoy!

St. Augustine

St. Augustine holds a special place in my heart. It was the place where Tom and I took our very first overnight trip as a couple. What I remember about St. Augustine is that it was funky.

It was not what I expected. The areas around St. Augustine are pure Florida, lots of strip malls and fast food joints and flat. There are parts of Florida that are ugly. But once you cross over into St. Augustine, it was like being somewhere else.

I remember we stayed at a cute B&B. We also visited the Castillo de San Marcos fort. That was amazing. I love forts. The weather was chilly and, one day, I remember a storm came in and it poured down rain. So much so, that the water was breaching the walls from inter coastal.

I remember we went to dinner and it was so rainy and nasty. But it was a great trip because it was at the beginning of our relationship.

If you get a chance, you should visit St. Augustine. I think our trip was probably 17 years ago so it might have changed. I also look back and see I was a lot skinnier then. Sigh. I wish I had more pictures but no go.

The Coral Castle

I won't go into detail about the Coral Castle because you have to click on the link above to read what it is all about. It's a fascinating story but sort of sad. This guy loved a woman and built her this Coral Castle. Let's just say it is sort of crazy and I think she realized that. But it is the kookiest coolest place.


Stiltsville is a bunch of houses built in Biscayne Bay, right off Miami. We were able to visit because I used to work at The Historical Museum of South Florida. One of our board members knew one of the owners of one of the houses and he allowed us to host a party there.

It was fantastic. The house was no great shakes but it is the coolest thing. We got there by boat. We had to take all our stuff there as well. We had food and drinks and just had a great time. Tom's mom lucked out because she flew in that day for a visit and she was able to come as well.

It was beautiful because you are literally in the middle of the water. We were at the Jimmy Ellenburg House.


  1. We went to St Augustine on our first anniversary when we lived in FL. We went back again last year with the kids, but we could only stay for about 3 hours which is not nearly enough time!

  2. I've going to St.Augustine every year with my family every year since I was born, and my boyfriend now keeps up with the tradition. I love it there so much!!!