Monday, April 15, 2013

Home Remedies. Healing Naturally.

When I was little, my mom and grandmother used traditional medicine but, oftentimes, they also cured us with some home remedies that really worked.

For earaches, they would take some rosemary and heat it up in hot oil then dip a cotton ball into it and stuff it in our ear. It worked. The hot oil would go in and heal the pain.

For a tummy ache, we were given linaza or flax-seed tea. According to them, the flax seed tea cooled the stomach and thus promoted healing. I never understood what cooling the tummy meant until I had acid indigestion. Now, when I have heartburn or acid reflux I drink linaza. It really works. Also, according to my mom and grandmother, it lowers the blood pressure.

Chamomile or mint tea were also tried and true tummy medicines as well. My mom always had some mint and chamomile planted in the garden. That way we could always run
out and grab some.

Honey and lemon taken a spoonful at a time, cured our cough and sore throat. Hot lemonade was a must have when we had a cold or the flu.

This week, I learned about another good home remedy thanks to my doctor. She suggested I drink some apple cider vinegar. I was a little leery of drinking apple cider vinegar but then did a little research on the internets and found that she was totally correct.

I started having raw honey and apple cider vinegar tea daily. According to my doctor and the research I did a little apple cider vinegar will help your tummy and bladder. It balances your unhealthy acid in the body. I have to say that after a few days, I felt better.

Now it might all be in my head but it might not be. I am all for natural remedies nowadays. I believe too many chemicals in the body will wreck havoc. So right now I really want to focus on getting healthier by using natural remedies. I am lucky because my grandmother and mami gave me a great start.

It's time to start asking my mom for more natural remedies and write them down for future use. I hope some of these help you as well. If you have any natural remedies, feel free to share!

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