Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Niagara Falls #traveltuesday

Niagara Falls perplexed me. For some reason, ever since I was a little girl I thought it would be in a location where it was surrounded by a forest or land and you would have to park and then walk to the area to see the falls. I was wrong.

I cannot even remember when this trip was. I am assuming we went when we lived in State College, PA because we did a few trips to New York and surrounding areas because they were pretty close. I found just a handful of pictures of that trip.

I do remember we ended up staying on the Canadian side. We found a hotel that was old and grand. That's a nice way of saying it was a little tired. But when we arrived, they did not have our room ready so they gave us a suite. Oh it was beautiful. It was large and had the best balcony view of the Falls. It also had a hot tub outside with a view. The problem? It was like 20 degrees outside because we went in the wintertime.

I was actually surprised how built up it is around the falls. That was disappointing. It was very touristy and not in a good way. It was weird being in the heart of the city and then seeing the falls.

The Falls did amaze me though. What a spectacular site. Once you got close, you forgot all the buildings and tourist crap around them. You actually hear the roar. It was so beautiful. Winter made it more beautiful because part of the Falls were frozen. Yes, it was that cold.

The funny thing is the water was frozen from the bottom up in some places. It was a sight to behold and just another of our random trips.

Traveling is so wonderful. I wish we had more money and time because that is all I would do!

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