Thursday, June 27, 2013

48 Rue Condorcet Restaurant ~ Paris, France

We headed out one night for dinner. We had our heart set on a restaurant Tom found on TripAdvisor. We had tried to go there the night before but it was closed. This night, it was open but you needed reservations and we had none. So we had to wander the streets of Paris in search for another place.

We ended up at this little tiny restaurant. It was funky! The first thing we noticed was that the place was small. It has maybe 6 or 7 tables. It was also decorated with a zillion witches. Once we walked in and I saw that, I decided we had to stay and eat there.

The owners did not speak English but somehow we communicated. We were, of course, the first ones there although it was around 7 or 7:30 pm. And we had our dinner and dessert and we were still the only ones in there. I tell you the French and Spanish eat super duper late.

Anyway, it was a little surreal because the restaurant was obviously in their house and there were only two guys running it. They were very nice though. But at some point, some other guy came in with a little demented dog. He went to a table in the back and one of the owners was giving it a injection of some type.

The dog was tiny and when it walked toward us, it was walking sort of sideways. Let's be honest, the dog was demented. But it was the cutest demented dog I have ever seen.

Anyhow, the menu was so Parisian because it was written on a chalkboard. And somehow we all communicated our order. The funny part is that we got there at 7pm. By the time we left around 9pm, there were still no other people in the restaurant. This eating late thing was an issue in Paris but it was a huge problem in Madrid.

When the food came, it was passable. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. But then again, this was just a little  place with the owners basically cooking out of their kitchen. One of the best parts of the meal was actually the cheese course. There is nothing like cheese!

Overall, it was a fun experience. It was one of the weirdest food experiences I have had but it was worth it. Plus, it felt very Parisian.

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