Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Barcelona: A Tale of Two Cities

Hmmm, what can I say about Barcelona? I heard it was beautiful.

This leg of our trip was our shortest and the most interesting to say the least. As some of you know, I ended up in the ER of the Barcelona Hospital. Yeah, these type of things happen to me. I have to say it was not unexpected because I was already having stomach troubles when we left for Europe. I think my sucky immune system, my catching a cold in Paris, the cold medicine, maybe something I ate, made my body just say ENOUGH!

We arrived in Barcelona and I was already feeling a little off. We checked in and went to find food. I was not that hungry and since it was Sunday, everything was closed. But we ate then when we got back to the hotel, I just wanted to rest. That night, my body went ballistic and I was up all night in the bathroom.

By morning, I knew I needed a doctor. The hotel said they could get a doctor for $150 but we opted for the ER because at this point I knew I was dehydrated and needed fluids, pronto. We grabbed a cab and headed out.

I am so lucky that I speak Spanish because it made the process so much easier. When we arrived, the check in was painless and quick. It took under an hour for them to get me to a bed and get an IV into my arm. The ER was like any ER better than some I have been in but not the best I have been in.

I was moved a few times to different parts of the ER so I could be monitored. By the time they allowed Tom back in to see me, I was in for the night. I can't say it was the best way to spend my time in Barcelona but they helped me. I must have seen at least 4 doctors and a zillion nurses. I had tons of fluids pumped into my body and that included tons of antibiotics and other meds.

Luckily, I had my phone so I could contact Tom and give him updates. But I was in the hospital, he was living the vida loca. I don't blame him and I told him to go do something because it would have sucked to make him stay in the hospital.

By morning, I was so much better. They decided to let me go although the doctor was close to make me stay more time. But after tons of tests, they deemed me worthy to leave. By this time, I was getting very worried because I have been in the ER before. My out of pocket payment even before I am admitted to any ER is $300. Sure I have insurance but ER stays always end up costing $500+ even with insurance.

So here I was in a foreign country, no insurance with a 24 hour ER stay. I figured it would be at least a few thousands of dollars. So when the administrator came to settle up the account, I was nervous. She looked at me and say the bill was $230 Euros. I was gobsmacked. I figured quickly that $230 euros was about $300. I grabbed my credit card before they figured out that was dirt cheap and payed the bill!

I was shocked it was so cheap. But they have socialized medicine. And I can honestly say that my treatment was great. It was no worse or even better than some ER's here in the US. So that's my story. I can't tell you much about Barcelona but Tom enjoyed it. So here are some pictures. The first are of my Barcelona trip and the second group are of Tom's Barcelona trip. It was certainly a tale of two cities.

                                What Tom ate in Barcelona     What Carolyn ate in Barcelona

Carolyn's Barcelona Adventure

Tom's Barcelona Adventure


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  1. Sorry you've been sick. LOVE the photos of Paris and Barcelona!! Hope you enjoy Madrid--looking forward to the photos!!