Monday, August 5, 2013

PURA VIDA! Heading to Costa Rica!

Thanks to my mami, I will be visiting Costa Rica to see the family. She very generously offered to buy me an airline ticket so I could go spend some time there. I am so excited because it has been over a year since I have been to Costa Rica.

I am sad Tom cannot go with me but he is working and cannot take time off. I am also a bad wife because I will be missing his birthday. I should feel guilty but I want to see my family as well. I will make it up to him when I get back.

Remember to keep an eye out because I might be posting some videos or photos during my trip. I know I always say that and then never do because I am a huge slacker!  So far, there is nothing planned except a cooking class, a Cafe Britt Coffee Plantation tour and some possible beach time. Usually my trips to Costa Rica are mostly family stuff and not vacation stuff but I do want to get some fun in!! I will also be having some of my favorite foods!


  1. You are always on the go, but this is wonderful that you'll have the chance to see your family again. Yay!

  2. costa rica again? I can't handle the jealousy! And I've only had restaurant tamales, i cannot imagine home made!! i bet they are a may zinnnnng!!!