Friday, September 6, 2013

Clandestino Beach Resort ~ Parrita, Costa Rica

We were able to take a break from the hustle and bustle of San Jose and head to the beach for a couple of days. My sister found a hotel in between Jaco and Manuel Antonio to visit. The good thing is that the drive was only a couple of hours so it was an easy drive.

It was in the boonies though. Once we hit the town of Paritta, we had to drive another hour to get to the hotel. The drive was down dirt roads with giant potholes. But we made it. The Clandestino Beach Resort was a little rustic for my taste. But it was really nice.

I am not a fan of being close to nature. So the layout of this resort freaked me a little. What they had were little huts with two rooms under one room. You had to walk down little paths through beautiful landscaping to get to your rooms. What freaks me out is that there are bugs, iguanas and bats at night. One night, we could hear something scratching at the door. I didn't go see what it was.

The rooms were comfortable and clean. The beds comfy and the bathroom was really nice too. But they had a no paper policy in the toilet and I am NOT down with that. Sure, I love the environment and everything but that is a no go for me. They offered some nice toiletries. There was a safe, a fridge in the room with drinks and snacks. There was even movies you watch for free which was nice at night. The porch had hammocks where you could sit and relax.

The resort itself had a main building where there was an office, restaurant, bar and lounge area. Plus, they had free Wi-fi. The pool area was beautiful. The pool had a waterfall and levels in the pool itself. So you could lounge on a shelf and get sun. You could sit on the edge and relax or you could just swim in the main pool. The pool area also had a view of the beach.

The beach itself was just okay. The ocean on that side of Costa Rica is pretty rough. It is great for surfers though. But you could go to the beach and walk. If you wanted to get in you could but we didn't. There were also gazebos and hammocks and a viewing deck. We mainly stayed by the pool area. But that was nice because we staked out our lounge chairs and hung out. We read, ate, drank and basically did nothing and that was okay by me.

The restaurant itself was a little pricey and you were basically trapped in the resort because the town was pretty far away. Plus, I would hate driving that road at night. The food was good but not great. But breakfast which was included in the price, was filling and tasty.

Would I visit again? I am not sure. Nothing against the hotel but I like a little more concrete. I know that is weird but I am a freak. I have been to nicer beaches in Costa Rica though. I am not a fan of getting in the ocean but if I do, I prefer no waves! But if you want privacy and quiet, this is the place to go. I think Tom would have loved it and I know he would love to visit. But I am a little lukewarm on it. I am glad we went because we did have a relaxing time and that's all that counts.


  1. I really like "off the path" adventures so I think I would enjoy it there.I love the looks like a hidden paradise to me! :)

  2. It does look very peaceful and relaxing there... and I love the pool!

  3. How beautiful it is there as well as the rooms - love the bamboo beds. I would love to go there someday.