Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fried Green Tomatoes!

I have always believed that in a past life, I was a Southern Belle. I have always had an affinity for Southern Food even though I never had southern food growing up. I don't think I ate real southern food until I was in my late 20's.

Thus, my belief that I must have lived in the South in a past life because I took to southern food like a fish to water. Now that I do live in the South, I can have my fill. And, I have learned to cook southern food. One of my most favorite things to eat is: Fried Green Tomatoes.

Fried Green Tomatoes are these little round circles of flavor. They are also easy peasy to make. I never followed a recipe. I just ate them and figured out what was needed to make them. I decided that corn meal was the best coating and I dip them in a little buttermilk and egg to coat. Then I fry those babies up. Here is my recipe:

We had some nice green tomatoes from our garden. It is tough to find them in the supermarket, so I lucked out. First, slice them up into rounds and salt. 

Set up the dipping station. I dipped first in buttermilk, then a little flour with salt and pepper. Then into an egg wash and then into some corn meal that I had seasoned with seasoned salt, pepper, 
garlic powder and onion powder. 

Dip and coat. 


When the tomatoes are ready, take them out of the oil and drain on paper towels.
 Add a pinch of salt. 

Serve and eat. I served mine with some delicious Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. YUMMO! 

These are so easy to make. It's not brain surgery folks. If I can do it, you can too. And they are a great appetizer or snack. I also love putting them into salad because they are tart and crispy. 

Buen Provecho!! 


  1. I have yet to try any kind of tomato ever (it's a texture thing) and I am a Southern gal so people are aghast when they hear I've never had a fried green one!

  2. i should try this...ive only recently started to enjoy tomatos...not raw though, but cooked, or in salsa...anything fried has to be great, right?

  3. I love fried green tomatoes.I haven't had any in a very long time,even though its easy to make.