Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Classic Apple Pie Recipe

I decided to make homemade apple pie. It was a crazy idea. But I had never ever made apple pie in my life. I have made other pies but usually with store bought crusts.

We headed over to Waynesville, a town next to ours because there is a little store that sells fresh apples. We stocked up and I was on my way to become a real baker. First of all, I needed a recipe. A friend recommended an apple pie recipe from the Brown Eyed Baker. She has a pretty awesome food blog and, after reading the recipe, I thought I could make it.

Well, I did make it but not without some issues. The reason I don't bake a lot is because I CANNOT follow a recipe and having to measure things out and follow to the letter, is just not me. So yes, I had issues. Don't get me wrong, it was not the recipe, it was the baker.

It started with the crust. Somehow after I put it into the food processor and added the butter and vegetable shortening, the dough was too sticky. It was supposed to be like cornmeal but came out like pizza dough. I knew something was wrong but figured maybe if I put it into the freezer I would be able to work with it. WRONG.

When I tried rolling out the dough it was a hot mess. I finally had to place it into the pie plate and mold it there. The top crust was also a hot mess. In the end I salvaged it by cutting the crust into strips, adding tons more flour and placing it on top of the pie. It worked. But, then again, willy-nilly cooking always seems to work for me.

The apples came out crunchier that Tom liked. But that was the recipe. I didn't mind them. I also thought that it needed a little more sugar and some nutmeg but I did  not stray from the recipe. Overall, the pie came out fantastic. It was delicious and I am not even an apple pie fan. The crust was so good. The next week I made another pie with store bought crust and it did not even compare.

Here is how I made the pie. But click on the link above if you want the real tried and true recipe. You can follow her recipe and, trust me, you will want to because if you try to follow mine, you might end up with bad dough!

  We bought farm fresh apples for the pie! 

You will need 2.5 cups of all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, 12 table spoons unsalted butter, 8 tablespoons vegetable shortening and chilled water.

Add the flour, sugar and salt to the processor.

Add butter little by little and pulse.

Add the shortening and pulse until the dough is like cornmeal. This is where I went wrong. Not sure if I should have added less shortening or butter or pulsed it less. 

This does not resemble corn meal. 

Still not resembling corn meal. I am thinking I should have made the dough by hand and not used the food processor but what do I know. 

Sprinkle ice cold water and fold into dough. This did not help me at all. 

Make 2 discs with the dough.

Dust with a little flour. At this point, I knew I was screwed with this dough but I never gave up! 

Wrap in plastic wrap. I didn't have plastic wrap. DOH So I improvised. 

Time to peel and core apples. I used both granny smith and roma apples. 

Peeled and cored. 

Sliced. Add 3/4 sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon zest, 1.5 tablespoons lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/8 teaspoon allspice. This is where I thought it needed more cinnamon, sugar and some fresh nutmeg, but resisted in changing the recipe. 

After 30 minutes in the fridge, I took out the dough and still realized something was wrong. It was too soft and sticky. I tried everything to roll it out but nothing worked.  So I just molded into the pie dish and although it wasn't the way to do it, it worked. 

I added the apples. 

And added more apples. 

Because I could not roll out the dough, I put it into the freezer but that didn't help. I just basically cut it into strips and put it over the apples. Of course, wanted to make a basket weave but that was too much damn work so I basically threw it on and prayed it wouldn't look too demented. 

Place in oven at 425 degrees for 25 minutes. Then reduce temperature to 375 degrees and cook another 30-35 minutes.

Ta-da! It actually came out not too bad. Like I said the apples were still crispy but I wonder if that was because they didn't cook all the way because of the strips instead of a full crust. But over all the pie was delicious and there is nothing better than making your own pie crust. 
I just need more practice. 

End product with vanilla bean ice cream. So delicious!!

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  1. it wound up looking amazing, and i bet it was heavenly!! i just love apple pie!!!