Friday, November 29, 2013

Las Vegas Trip Recap

Vegas was great! Of course, I lost money and didn't win the millions but oh well. But we has a great time anyway.

Thursday we arrived at the Paris Hotel and Casino and, luckily, our room was ready. We headed out to find food and then I gambled a little! Tom napped because we had to get ready for the Latin Grammys later on that evening. It was an unexpected treat.

I wasn't sure if Tom would want to go but he did and it was great. I had gone to the Latin Grammy's a few years back and it was fun. This event was also fun. We had great seats and there were some great artists. I saw some of my favorites like Marc Anthony, Miguel Bose, Juanes, Carlos Vives and more. Pitbull rocked the house. Even Tom had a great time. After the awards, we had a late meal at KUMI in Mandalay Bay. I actually has Crisp Pork Belly rolls, which were amazing. Living in the boonies, you forget what real good food really tastes like until you go into a good restaurant.

The next day, Tom headed out to his conference and was gone most of the day. I was left to my own devices which included working on blog stuff and gambling. I didn't do well on either. But it kept me busy most of the day. We had dinner at Sea a Thai restaurant in Bally's because we had tickets to the X Burlesque show at the Flamingo Hotel.

The X Burlesque show was something we never would have done but I was able to get free tickets courtesy of the producers and it was great. The reason it's X is because the dancers are topless but after a while you hardly notice. But the music and dancing was great and it was a cool experience. I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to see a show in Vegas.

Saturday came and we headed out to breakfast and then we were invited to the Guns and Ammo Garage for some shooting lessons. I will write more about my experience but I have to say that it was something I NEVER ever would have thought of doing but glad I did.

We got back tot he hotel and gambled some more and had a little lunch. that night we headed out to Roy's Restaurant, which is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten at. We were hosted by Roy's and I have to say that it was a real culinary treat.

Sunday was our last day in Vegas and we really didn't have any plans except to relax and gamble some more. We headed out and played for a few hours. Then we had dinner at Gordon Ramsey's Steak. It was good but not great. I think we were both a little disappointed. But some of the food was very good. I am not sure I would go there again though.

Then our Vegas adventure was over. It was a great trip. We did many things we never would have done. We ate a lot of good food! We had a good time gambling. Vegas always has a special place in our hearts and we, honestly, love going there. It is expensive if you lose but it is well worth it.

I will be posting more pictures and stories about my adventures. I just wanted to give an overview because with Thanksgiving 2 days away, I might be offline cooking up a storm!

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