Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Weekly WOO! Vegas, Baby! #weeklywoo

I am trying to find something to WOO about every week. This week my weekly woo is the fact that we are headed to Las Vegas this weekend! Tom has a conference and I am tagging along because that is how I roll.

You all know I love gambling and Vegas! Of course, this trip I have to be totally frugal and play cautiously. But who knows, maybe I will finally win that huge jackpot I keep hoping for! Or not. Anyway, we have some cool things planned. We are staying at Paris. We have a dinner at Mandalay Bay. A hosted dinner at Roy's, which is one of the BEST restaurants I have ever been to. We have a Burlesque show to attend. And on Saturday during the day, we are headed to an adventure that you will not believe that we will be doing. It's so not us but we are excited about it!

Aside from that, we are just getting a little R&R. Well, I am since Tom is working. But we will also find a little time to just enjoy time together! YAY US!

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