Thursday, December 12, 2013

Foodie Heaven in Las Vegas!

We had a lot of good food in Las Vegas. Here are a few highlights. We also visited Gordon Ramsey's Steak restaurant because it is located in Paris, where we stayed. Unfortunately, we were not that impressed with the food. Mainly, the steak. It was perfectly cooked but lacked flavor and it was just not that great. One of the problems we have with steak now is that I have learned to make a really really good steak here at home. The standards are high at the Salzman-Gonzalez casa so now it seems like a crime to pay an a ton of money on steak when I can make it just as good.

The rest of the food at Steak was not bad. The potato puree was absolute heaven. My beet salad was amazing. The asparagus were delish but they came with mushrooms that had a funky taste. I think too much vinegar. Tom said his Caesar salad was good. I even had bone marrow which I can never find at any restaurant except fancy schmancy ones. It was delish but it is an acquired taste. We didn't have dessert because it was just too much food.

We also had some good Asian food. We don;t get too much Asian food around here so we gobble it up when we can. Anyhow, here are some photos of our meals in Vegas.

Gordon Ramsey's Steak

You can choose the steaks you want from this funky wheel of steak. 

The breads were AMAZING!! I could have eaten all this myself and I almost did. It was some of the best bread I have ever had. YUMMO!

Salads were really good! 

Steak was so-so. I make steak that is just as good as this one was. 

Bone Marrow with green sauce. OMG! 

Le Burger Brasserie, Paris Hotel 

This beet and goat cheese salad was fantastic! 

KUMI Japanese Restaurant, Mandalay Bay

These were Pork Belly rolls with coleslaw on top. AMAZING!! The pork belly was crispy and paired with the crisp coleslaw. They were just so unique and delicious. 

Drinks at Paris Hotel

Coffee Martini and a Habanero Margarita

SEA, Bally's Hotel 

Mango Martini!

Dim Sum

Green Curry

Chicken Pad Thai

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  1. WOW!!! Those picture are amazing! I'm hungry just looking at them!