Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My evening at the Latin Grammy Awards!

I had no plans on attending the Latin Grammy Awards. But thanks to my friend, Eva Smith, from Tech Food Life and Loreal Paris USA, I was able to attend. It was one of those last minute things. I actually had to toss in a nice top and jacket in my bag the night before so I would have something decent to wear.

It was fun. We had pretty good seats right in the middle of the event center. We saw lots of great acts perform. I am a huge Marc Anthony fan so it was a treat to see him. Miguel Bose was fantastic and he performed with another on of my faves, Juanes. I saw Carlos Vives and Pitbull, well, he rocked the house! I am not a huge Pitbull fan but can he perform.

It was a great night. We did not attend the after-party though because we are old farts. Plus, we had gotten up at 4:45 that morning and by the end of the show, we just wanted to sleep and rest. We actually went and ate a little Japanese food before returning to our hotel. And then we crashed.

Enjoy the photos!!


  1. Oh wow, what an experience I'm sure. It looks like you had a blast and enjoyed the show a lot. Thanks for sharing some pictures from the event with us.

  2. You got some pretty awesome pics! You looked lovely and were just beaming. Love it!! Glad you had an awesome time...and I'm just a tad jealous. ;)

  3. what??? this is amazing!! how awesome, and what great pics!! I can't imagine how exciting this would be! lucky gal!!