Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Roy's Restaurant, Las Vegas

One of the best experiences we had in Vegas was visiting Roy's Restaurant. We had visited Roy's a few years ago and wanted to go back. Luckily, on this trip, I was hosted by Roy's and enjoyed a wonderful evening with Tom having a delicious meal.

We found Roy's when we googled best restaurants in Vegas. Roy's came up on TripAdvisor as the #1 restaurant in Vegas. We were intrigued. I have to say that it is one of the best restaurants I have ever visited. And as wanna be foodies, we have eaten a lot of good meals especially in Vegas. And if you all know me, you know that I am a celebrity chef fan girl and visit those restaurants when I can. I always try new restaurants when we are in a location that has them.

Roy's is probably in my top three restaurants I have ever eaten in. It has some wonderful Hawaiian inspired fusion dishes that leave you wanting more. If you have never eaten at a Roy's, I truly feel sad for you because you should. Roy's are in various locations so you should check out where the restaurants are located and go visit one as soon as you can!

Roy's Las Vegas is a great place. It is off the Vegas Strip on Flamingo Road. You can take a cab if you do not have a car. It is welcoming. When you enter that staff is there to greet you and get you seated. When we arrived, we were placed in a table to the side of the bar that was perfect. It was away from the larger dining area that was more noisy and filled with people.

The last time we went to Roy's we sat in that area and, while also a great spot, our table on the quieter side of the restaurant was fantastic. Our server Nico was very attentive. We also had another server, a young lady, who was right on point. The last time we visited Roy's Las Vegas, we had a server named Kevin, who we still remember because he was that good!

The service was wonderful. The time between each course was perfect and, of course, the food was absolutely fantastic. We are so glad we were able to enjoy a wonderful meal with drinks and dessert and it was definitely a highlight on a trips filled with a lot of cool adventures and fun. I know that the next time we are in Las Vegas, we will make a special trip to Roy's once again. And if we ever are in another location where there is a Roy's Restaurant, you will find us there! Here is what we ate and why you should visit Roy's!

The evening started with an appetizer of salted edamame. We both had a Mai Tai and it was delicious. It was a little strong though. I am not a drinker and one of these got me a little tipsy. Yes, I am a cheap date. But it was so good! 

This is Roy's Canoe appetizer for two. It includes Pork Belly Dim Sum, Vegetable Spring Roll, Szechuan Ribs, Spicy Tuna Roll, Kim Chee & Shrimp. This is a must order is you ever visit. It allows you to taste a few of the appetizers all in one shot. Tom had the Tuna rolls because I don't eat tuna. he loved them.  I had the Pork Belly Dim Sum, which was amazing. I am all about pork belly. The pork belly melted in my mouth. The shrimp was good but not great. We both agreed on that. The vegetable spring rolls were crispy and fresh. The sauce was so good. And the Szechaun Ribs are a thing of beauty. Sweet, spicy and tender. I could eat a rack of these every day! 

For my entree, I had the Seared Sea Scallops. It is funny because only a year ago I would not have eaten scallops because I have never tried them. It was not until I visited Disney this year on a press trip that I tried them and realized I had been missing out, big time! Roy's scallops came on a Potato Purée with a slice of Pork Belly and a Fennel and apple salad on top and a Honey Coriander Glaze. All I can say about these was they were amazing. The pork belly was the perfect accompaniment to the juicy and perfectly cooked scallops. I would order these again, in a heartbeat!!

Tom had the Misoyaki Butter Fish. It came with Bok Choy and rice. I did not try it because I am not a fish lover but he really enjoyed. He said the fish was fresh and sweet and delicous. 

For dessert Tom had the pineapple upside down cake with coconut ice cream. It was so good. The cake was moist and the ice cream cool and refreshing. I ended up eating a lot of his dessert. 

I had the chocolate molten cake with vanilla ice cream and it was amazing. The cake was moist and once you cut into the cake, hot gooey chocolate oozed out and covered the plate. The hot chocolate sauce with the moist cake and ice cream was almost too much for me to bear. It was so yummy. 

It's fair to say that we loved Roy's and it is a restaurant I would visit every week if we had one here in old Sylva, NC. Unfortunately, we don't. But I know when we visit Vegas again, Roy's is on our list of must do restaurants.

Thanks again to Roy's for making this wonderful foodie night possible! 

Disclosure: I received a meal for two at Roy's. No other compensation was given and opinions are solely my own and based on my experience at Roy's.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!! We tried Roy's because of your post and LOVED it!!