Friday, February 7, 2014

I am 50 today! Happy Birthday to me!

It's weird to say that today I am 50 years old. That sounds so bloody old. But there you have it. I am 50 today. Luckily, I have the maturity of a 15 year old and great genes. I do not feel 50. I do not look 50. I often forget I am this old because I just don't feel it. Well, except in my old body but, in my own head, I am 25!

I also have to mention that another great thing happened 50 years ago today. The Beatles arrived in the United States. So I will forever be a Beatle baby as well. How much awesomeness can one day have, right?

We are not doing anything special this year for my birthday because according to Tom, the trip to Europe last year was for my birthday. He said I agreed to this but I have NO recollection of this conversation whatsoever. He says I agreed but, again, I do not recall. I believe he is making it up. The Europe trip was just that, a trip. It was not a Carolyn's 50th birthday trip. But what can a girl do, right?

I do get a birthday meal but not today because Tom works. BOO! Of course, I was reminded that last year on Tom's birthday, I was living the vida loca on a beach in Costa Rica. And that last year for my birthday, I was at Disney World also living the vida loca. Whatever.

Anyway, I wish I had some wise words about turning 50 but it will be the same as turning 35, 40, and 49. Birthdays are just another day close to death as the Grumpy Cat says.