Thursday, June 19, 2014

I'm Back

I am back from Costa Rica and super busy with my other blog. It might be awhile before I update this blog with some pictures! Good news: My dad is recovering and doing so much better. He almost died a few weeks ago because of some meds given to him by some freaking doctor. Luckily, the doctors at the hospital knew what was going on and now he is better.

It was nice to see the family even if for a few days. i am glad we were able to go. Now we are back and still working on the new house. There is so much organizing and cleaning to do, it's crazy. We have put our furniture shopping on hold because of funds. But there are things we have to do like closet shelves and other stuff.

It's a lot of work but worth it!


  1. I'm so glad that you and the family are back safe and sound and of course mainly that your dad is on the mend. I know you have a lot to do with the move and all. I do have a silly question, why do you have 2 blogs? Wouldn't it be easier to have just one?

  2. I am glad that your Dad is okay and you got to see your family! It is nice that you are back and getting your house organized. I hope everything at your new house is good and you love it!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your vacation and glad to hear your father is doing better.