Friday, June 6, 2014

Move Update

Holy smokes, life has been crazy these past few days. On Monday the movers came to our old house and took a half day packing up our crap. It almost did not fit into the truck. At the very end, they had a mattress they had to jam in. One guy was on top of the truck trying to close the door and two were at the door jamming it in. Luckily, it all fit.

After they left, we started cleaning the house and throwing out anything that was left. I think we left stuff behind in the fridge and garage but the house is still ours so it doesn't matter at this point. We also had a couple come by and look at the house for rental but I think it was out of their price range.

We then headed over to Harrah's Cherokee Casino and Resort where I got a free hotel room for the night. It's never free since we gamble but I was so tired, I barely gambled, which is unbelievable. We had a nice dinner and then a good night's sleep before heading to Wilmington the next day.

The next day, we headed back to the old house and picked up the rest of our bags. We packed the cars and started the 6 hour drive. The drive was great except for some woman cut me off on the highway. I had to brake hard and almost got into a major accident because she didn't bother looking to see if there was a car coming. Luckily, I was in Tom's VW that is new and fancy so the brakes juggled a little but saved my life. Tom missed all this since he was in front of me. I, honestly, lucked out because had I been in my mini car with crappy brakes, I wouldn't be here writing this post.

Once we arrived in Wilmington, our contractor was here finishing up the painting and fixing part of the floor. The paint looks amazing. We now have our red dining room. We love having a red room and have had one in our last few houses. They also were doing other work but, for once, we actually painted the house before we moved. YAY!

We unpacked the cars and went out to eat at our favorite new spot, Indochine. The food there is amazing. It is a mix of Thai and Vietnamese food and we have eaten there on every trip we have taken here. On our last trip, we bought a mattress for our Murphy bed so we actually spent the night in the new house.

The next day, we waited for the movers and they came early and started unpacking. We have a lot of crap. It took them half a day to unpack it all but everything arrived. We had one mishap so far with a pot we bought in Costa Rica. It was already repaired once because Shawnie (our late cat) had broken it when she sat in one day. When she was a kitten she fit perfectly in the bowl but once she got big, she didn't. And boom she cracked it. So it was not a big loss.

Tom who is a little nutty, decided to start unpacking right away. He gets obsessive like that and I suffer for it because that means I have to work. So we have spent the last few days unpacking the house. We actually made a dent. Everything but our clothes is out of boxes. But right now we do not have a full master closet because the sellers actually were using the master closet as a baby room. I found that hilarious but that is why they moved because space was tight.

I finally got my kitchen organized. The Master bedroom is somewhat organized. But we have so much crap that a lot of it will be going into storage. This house lacks the space to display our many knick knacks and junk we collect on our travels. So now we have to pick and choose what stays out and what gets put away never to be found again until the next move.

We also have to organize the house and buy organizational products to maximize the space. I am already spending way too much time on Pinterest finding storage solutions. Luckily, we have a huge attic with access so a lot of our stuff will live there and not in the garage.

We need new furniture because our old furniture does not "fit" into the house. Actually only in the living room. But we will keep the old stuff for now since poor Tom has already spent a fortune. And since I am not working yet, I have to spend frugally as well. We did have to buy a washer/dryer because the sellers took theirs. But now I have a fancy top loader. I had a front loader at the old house and did not like it.

We should be almost unpacked this weekend and almost organized. We have to do as much as possible because next week we head to Costa Rica for a week to see my family. My father has been really sick and in the hospital. We decided it was a good idea to take a week off after the move and before Tom starts work to see him.

It feels like home already. And although I have to get used to traffic again, let me tell you that it is nice to be in a real city again. My local grocery store, Harris Teeter, is huge and has everything. We have a Whole Foods minutes away. We have tons of restaurants. We even found a Puerto Rican restaurant close to the house. The mall is 2 blocks away.

The good thing is our neighborhood is fantastic. It is quiet. The neighbors seem nice and it is a real neighborhood where people walk, bike and run. We have actual sidewalks and bike paths. Once you enter our neighborhood, it is tranquil and pretty.

So that is my update. I would post pictures but the house is such a hot mess that it is not worth it. Once we get more settled, I will definitely be posting more pics!


  1. I;m so happy for you. I know it's a lot of hard work, stress and worry, but there's a lot of fun in moving as well. Glad you are in a neighborhood you like. Take you time and doing what you need to do.

  2. Thanks for the update! I am glad that you had movers helping you move! What a great idea. Sounds like a really nice place to live because you have nice stores and restaurants. How nice that the neighborhood is quiet! Congrats on your new house!

  3. I'm glad the move went okay. But, gosh, I'm glad your okay. Some drivers don't pay attention At All and seem oblivious to everything around them. You are very lucky. I'm glad everything turned out okay. A nice quiet neighborhood sounds heavenly.