Monday, July 7, 2014

Hurricanes, Soccer and New Furniture, Oh My!

This past week was a little weird. Sometime in the middle of the week, we learned there was a hurricane coming toward us. This was totally unexpected. I think the hurricane formed pretty fast off the coast of Florida and since we are busy trying to adjust to our new life, we didn't notice.

Usually we are up on these thing but after living in the mountains for 6 years, we have forgotten. Now that we are back on the coast, hurricanes will be a thing we have to be prepared for. I need to get on tackling the job of having hurricane supplies.

Hurricane Arthur was supposed to hit on Thursday night. It came pretty close to us but it was a non-event. And, that is a good thing. We have lived through 3 hurricanes, one being Andrew, and we are in no rush to do that again. But Thursday I made my world-famous hurricane chicken and spicy aioli potatoes and hunkered in.

Tom came home early and put some of the outdoor furniture in the garage and house. I had charged our flashlight and all our electronics and chargers. We had some candles out, just in case. But after some heavy rain in the afternoon and some wind gusts, nothing else happened. We woke up Friday to a beautiful 4th of July. YAY! But we always know how bad hurricanes can be and were thankful that our first one in Wilmington was much ado about nothing!

On Saturday, I prepared for the Costa Rica vs. Netherlands soccer game. I made my world-famous Gallo Pinto. For those not versed in Costa Rican food, that is basically rice and beans. But Gallo Pinto (painted Rooster) is one of the most traditional Costa Rican dishes you can have. I will be putting up a detailed recipe soon.

Unfortunately, the Costa Rican team lost in overtime and penalty kicks. But no one predicted they would actually make it to the quarterfinals. I was so proud that they did. They played with their heart and soul. Plus, it made the world take notice of little tiny Costa Rica, which is a great little country. I love and am proud to be a Tica (nickname for a Costa Rican woman). In fact, Costa Ricans call themselves Ticos. Ticos can be used for all of us. Tico is a Costa Rican man and you add the a for the woman.

Sunday, we went out to buy Tom a mini fridge and microwave for his office and did not find them. We did find a Costco and decided to join up. We have a Sam's Club membership but we have always felt Costco is a great business model and want to support them. After spending a small fortune on cleaning supplies and other stuff you spend a fortune on in Costco, we headed to look at furniture.

We had seen a great little sofa and chair a few weeks ago and went back to see them again. After measurements and moving furniture and trying to figure out if the furniture will fit in our space, we bought the pair. Our living room is super wonky because one wall has the fireplace, not centered but on the side. Then the front door opens into the room but no furniture can be there because of the layout. Our TV is huge and can only fit in one corner of the room because Tom refuses to put it on the wall with the fireplace because it would block the front windows.

Being a vampire myself, I don't mind that but he poo-pooed it so we didn't have much choice. But somehow he came up with a configuration that might just work for us. It won't be perfect but it will allow us to have a small sofa, a chair for me and one for him. Luckily, we don't have that many guests.

We also finished setting up the rest of the house except for the office. We still need a little desk and filing cabinets. But that space will probably only be used by Tom. He can use the desk. We will store our office supplies and possibly put the printer in there. I have my own room so all my junk is stuffed in there. I love my room.

I will be posting pictures once the rooms are finalized. I will start with the dining room and guest bathroom. I think then the guest room and my room. The Master Bedroom is still a work in progress and the master bath will someday be renovated because it is not to my liking but workable even if we don't renovate.

So stayed tuned!


  1. I am so glad that the hurricane did not cause any damage to where you live. Your food looks so delicious, and I am sorry that your team did not win, but they sure went a long way. I can not wait to see your house and I bet you are glad that you are getting things in place.

  2. You are so right about hurricanes m'dear and this year, if the models are right, NC could get hit by a couple. But you know as well as I that it is always best to be ready. We actually got a LOT of rain on the night of the 3rd...I mean it POURED! So get your emergency kit ready. I love what I can see of your sofa. I can't wait to see more pics and do you have a recipe for those potatoes?

  3. I want some of that chicken!

    I'm glad you made it through the hurricane unscathed. You have certainly dealt with your share of weather evens in the past few years.