Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Tour ~ My Kitchen

Today I present you with a tour of my kitchen in the new house. I say MY because this my space. Sure, Tom comes in to get stuff and clean the dishes but this is my space. When we first saw the house, I thought this kitchen was too small because I really wanted a huge ass kitchen. I wanted an island and lots of counter space. But when we decided on this house, I compromised. The kitchen looks pretty new so I figured at least I have the upgrades but not the space.

We have been in the house for 2 months now and I do not miss having more space. It seems to be working out just fine. I have tons of cabinet space and the cabinets are pretty upgraded so I have fancy huge drawers for pots and pans. The cabinets go almost up to the ceiling so that also gives me extra space I did not have in our last house.

So here is a tour of the kitchen. You enter from the dining room and I am taking you left to right.

When you walk in, to the left is the fridge. I am a little iffy on the side by side fridge. I think I like the top and bottom refrigerators better because you get a little more space. Our freezer is pretty small but we have another one in the garage so that gives me a little more space. I do love the ice and water in the door. 

Next to the fridge is the range. On the counter I have my Winnie the Pooh honey pot. I love this stupid thing. I have had it for years and can't imagine my kitchen without it. 

This is the left wall of the kitchen. The range is super fancy. It is gas with 4 burners. It also has interchangeable parts so, if I wanted, I can put a griddle on one side of the range. It is also a convection oven. The microwave is a little higher than I like but it gives me more space on the range. As you see we have tons of cabinets. 

On the next wall, I have added this fantastic shelf. It's decorative and functional. I can have cookbooks on the shelf and it holds some of my aprons and other stuff. The door next to the aprons is my pantry. 

Here is my decorative kitchen switch plate. I love this one. As you see, we have a thing for decorative switch plates. 

This is my pantry. It is a hot mess. It's not that big but we have stopped buying a lot of processed food so it works. I also added an over the door shelf thingy and I love it. It holds a lot of stuff. I also have some of my small appliances in there. For now it is working. 

On the door are more of my numerous aprons. I am an apron fanatic. I like buying them when I travel because they are useful and easy to pack. 

Next, on the same wall, are more cabinets. I have three large cabinets on top. On the bottom, I have 3 more drawers. One small one for the utensils and two large ones that hold my pots and pans. All the counters are granite and we have subway tiles throughout. I can also finally have my Kitchen-Aid mixer out the counter. I have had it for years and never used it. 

I also have these open shelves. I made one decorative and the other two I use for casserole dishes I always use. I also just got a Tribest personal blender that I LOVE so I made sure to give it its own place so I can have it super handy. I will be reviewing it on my other blog soon. It rocks! 

This is the next wall of the kitchen. We have a big window that lets in tons of light. The sink doesn't look big but it is. Of course, it will never be as big as the one in my last house. You could literally put two babies in that sink and still have space. I want a curtain but Tom is forbidding me to put one up. Since this is my room, we'll see who wins. Okay, he will probably win because I am too lazy and not handy enough to actually put up a curtain rod and stuff. Oh well. The door leads out to the side of the house. But I will probably never use this door so I am getting a rolling kitchen cart so I can have an extra workspace by the stove. Then be able to roll it back into the corner when needed. 

These two little guys live in the kitchen. The top one is a Russian nesting doll given to me by my friend Tammi. The doll is actually a measuring cup. Inside there are several other dolls and each is a measuring cup. And, of course, y'all know the Pillsbury Dough boy. 

I have this awesome sign. I love it. And the little hanging thing is from Costa Rica. I have had that for a decade or so and it is always in my kitchen. 

This is my new switch plate. This is the cutest thing! 

This is the last wall. On this side, I have more cabinets. I also have a side cabinet on the bottom. And there is the dishwasher. The kitchen also has hardwood floors. I thought this would be a bad thing but the hardwood floors are easier to clean than tile floors. 

That is my kitchen. It's not huge but it seems to be working out well for me. 


  1. Thanks for the look around your kitchen. I'm nosy and this is the room I was waiting for the most!

  2. I LOVE kitchen snooping! Thanks!

  3. I also like a big kitchen and do not have it. But I have to say that your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the Stainless Steel Appliances and the counter top is so pretty. You have a great kitchen!

  4. You have a very lovely kitchen! I especially like the pantry.

  5. I like your kitchen, it looks really nice. I have a really small kitchen and wish it was a lot bigger. My husband just put in a nice pantry for me out in the hall from the kitchen so that helps out a lot.

  6. This is my ideal kitchen, not too big, not too small. I love all the personal touches you shared, the russian doll measuring cups is my fav :)

  7. I like how you used items of yester-year into the kitchen throughout - but not overly so. This kitchen has so many personal touches - you want to use it as a go-by for some of your own dream kitchen items. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It's incredible how much storage space is packed into one room. Your kitchen may be small, but it definitely seems to have been created to maximize the space with all the cabinets and drawers! I like the combination of the white and the finish of the appliances. Those and the window add a lot of brightness, which is great if you spend a lot of time in there. Hopefully you'll persuade Tom that curtains can work! I also like your countertops as well as the space they provide! Your personal touches really add a lot to the room! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks for the look around your kitchen. I'm nosy and this is the room I was waiting for the most!