Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New House Update!!!

We have finally put the house in order. There are still a few things that need to be done here and there. But the house is livable. Most of the rooms have their furniture and pictures on the wall. We have put up most of our knick-knacks. I am missing the built-in shelves we had at the old house because we could put so much crap on them.

Luckily, most of our big art pieces fit well in the house. There are a few pictures that did not make the cut but oh well. We are still unsure about the living room. The sofa we have now is way too big and because of the configuration of the room, it does not fit well. We are thinking of buying a nice chair or recliner for me and then just having 2 big chairs and a nicer chair in the living room. It's that or a small sofa. I prefer a chair just for me.

I am still getting used to the kitchen. It is done except for one thing. I want a shelf with hooks to hang my aprons. I found the perfect piece at but it is not available at my store or online. **UPDATE** It became available on the website and I bought my shelf!

Our guest room is completely done. That room is as big as our Master Bedroom. Our Master bedroom is almost done. I am hoping that sometime soon, we can renovate our master bathroom. It is fine now but it's so 1980's. We have a HUGE jetted tub we will never use. It is also a pain to get in and out of the tub to shower. We would love, at a future date, to just have a walk-in shower, a larger vanity and some possible storage. It is possible but who knows how much that might cost.

Our office is okay but we are still deciding if we need a desk or table or something. If this was the only room we had for organizing, I would add a desk. But there is also my room. I love my room.  am using it as an office/blog room and exercise room. We had to put the treadmill somewhere and it has to go in my room. It take up most of the room but I also have space for shelves and storage. I have a small table for my lightbox. I have shelves for my blog stuff and also for my plush toys. I also was able to hang my funky art in there. I love it.

One of my favorite rooms is our dining room. I have loved that room since we walked into the house for the first time. It was painted white but we had it painted red like our other house. It is perfect. Tom's giant sideboard fits perfectly. Our dining room table might need to go because it is really old and wonky but I love the look and feel of the room. The way the sunlight comes in makes me feel comforted and happy.

I also finally finished our guest bathroom as well. Because of the way it was painted and decorated from before, I had to go with a Parisian theme. I added a small bookcase, a cool French style shower curtain, and Paris themed decorations. It is really girly and themey. I don't really decorate in thees but this bathroom screamed for a French theme.

So that is my update. I will be posting pictures of each room the next few days.


  1. Hello Carolyn!? Pictures, pictures, pictures! I was at Target yesterday but did not think to look because I thought Linds was getting it. I'll look for you.

  2. How nice that you are getting everything organized. I like a big dining room to sit in and have the light coming in. Your house sounds awesome and I have a big jetted tub too and it is too hard to get into. I have a walk in shower which is neat! I can not wait to see some pictures.

  3. Would love to see some pictures as well, so exciting to decorate and get everything organized. Glad you found your shelf and was able to purchase it.

  4. Where are the pics m'dear. Yeah I'm nosy and I want to see what you have done. Curious about the shelf you got at Target too. The one thing I hate about new kitchens is that I never get things put up the way I really need them the first time. After a month or so I always have to rearrange. Hope I didn't jinx ya! :D Glad that things are going well.