Monday, July 28, 2014

We are settling in!

It's been a month or so that we have been living in Wilmington and we are settling in. The house is unpacked and almost organized. If you have visited in the past weeks, you have seen some of our rooms. We are still up in the air about certain things because we want to remodel. We had a survey done and now are awaiting for my dear friend, Dion, to help us figure out what we can do.

Dion is an architect and he is family to me. He once said he would help me design something when I wanted. This is the first house we have wanted to do something. We definitely are renovating our Master Bath. It really screams for a walk in shower, storage and a new vanity area. Everything else is up to what Dion comes up with. We could add a den or just an outdoor space. We are not sure.

Aside from that, Tom has started work. I am still looking for work. We thought there might be more jobs here for me but so far nothing. But I am hopeful. I like being home and blogging but I miss going to an outside job. I know that sounds weird but I like getting out of the house and earning money.

Two weekends ago, we went to Holden Beach to see our niece Amy. She is really Tom's niece but since we are married I am counting all his nephews and nieces my own since I don't or won't have any ever. She and her fiancee, Don, had rented a house on the beach. We were able to go for the day and hang out. It was great. On their way back home, a week later, they came to visit us and we had lunch with them as well. They were our first official guests.

We have also been trying to get out more. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have too many restaurants around. On Thursdays, we head downtown and choose a place to eat. We tried a great little fondue place the other day called the Little Dipper. It was fun and I am a fondue fanatic. It was great but I still prefer the Melting Pot. And guess what? We have one in town! YAY!

We have been visiting the Farmers Market down by the river as well. Since I have no garden this year, it has been great. I can get fresh veggies without all the work. But we have also found fresh bread, fresh meat and other yummies. We have also found quite a few good restaurants. We found a fantastic Chinese place. We also found a Peruvian restaurant that serves rotisserie chicken that is like the type we get in Costa Rica!

The other night we went to the Opera. There was a production at UNCW and Tom got us tickets. We are trying to enjoy the are and what it offers. In Sylva, we rarely went out and stayed inside because there was nothing to do unless you liked the outdoors. If you know me, you know I hate the outdoors unless it involves sitting on a deck by the sea having food and drinks. Or if it is outdoors with concrete and a pool. That's just how I roll.

We have also been doing a lot of shopping. We have had to buy things for the house. I cannot tell you how nice it is to just be able to drive 10 minutes to a store and get something. In Sylva, all we had was Walmart. I try to avoid Walmart at all costs. We also have  every single store you could ever want here.

In two weeks, we are having a beginning of the school year party for Tom's new faculty. Stay tuned because I am going to try some fancy appetizers and cool recipes and y'all know I will be blogging about that!


  1. Yes, I think you're finding you home base now. Nice trip to the beach

  2. Wilmington, we live about 4 hours away, we try to go to Wilmington once a year. I would love to live there

  3. I think I've been there before.

  4. What a lovely place! I wish we had a farmer's market like that around here!

  5. Where you live sounds really nice. We live in a small town here and I love it. However we are about 20 minutes from the city which isn't bad.

  6. Your town where you live looks like such a fun place with a wonderful Farmer's market. We do not have one anymore. I like the Fondue place you ate at, and I hope you find a job,but I like visiting your blog every day!! Have fun in your town.

  7. I've only been to Wilmington a few times, but I've only seen the beach thus far. It's such a beautiful area! I'm glad that you have more options for things to do and places to go! The farmer's market looks like it offers lots of fresh produce! I love fondue as well! I've been wanting to try out The Melting Pot! Hope you find work and the designing for the house goes well!