Thursday, August 28, 2014

Never the Bride, always the Flower Girl #TBT

While looking through old photos, I came across a lot of pictures of us being flower girls. It made me remember that when we were little everyone wanted me and my sister as flower girls in their wedding.

By the age of 7, I was a professional flower girl. I can't even imagine how many weddings we were in. We were super duper cute when we were little but I think it also had to do that my mom would always make kick ass dresses as well. So if you had us in your wedding, you always got professional flower girls who looked amazing.

I don't remember too much except that we always wore dresses that you would never ever wear again in your life. Those dresses were passed down through the years as well. I always remember that the night before the wedding, my mom would slather our hair with Dippity Doo and twist it with pieces of fabric. We would sleep like this so the next day our hair would be super curly. We always had the best hair.

I am not sure of the first time I was a flower girl. There were so many weddings. I do remember that sometimes it was just me and my sister. Other times, we had someone else join us. It was usually a family member of the bride or groom. We were never related to the bride or groom. That is how popular we were. We were in demand.

When we had other flower girls, it was hard. These girls had no clue how to be a flower girl. They were fidgety and undisciplined. We, on the other hand, had the routine down pat. You showed up on time, didn't complain and walked down that aisle like a boss. There was no time for shenanigans because you were the first ones down the aisle and had to set the tone.

The ring bearers were always a horror because, for some reason, they always found the littlest boys around. There was no wrangling them. They would do whatever they wanted. They would drag the pillow with the rings. They would lose the rings. They would run up the aisle. They would talk to people. And then they would fidget throughout the whole service. Since there was only one ring bearer, I didn't worry my pretty head over him. He would be judged and never asked to do it again.

Now, we tried to discipline the other flower girls but they were never up to our level. I don't want to brag, but I will. We were always perfect. Well, my sister sometimes would not be perfect but I always was. I knew how to walk down the aisle. If the bride required us to throw down petals, I did not toss them willy-nilly. There was a trick to tossing rose petals. You had to make them last up to the front of the church.

Being a flower girl was not for sissies. You had to be at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinners and you always had to help making paper flowers for the wedding cars. You had to get to the church early in full regalia with a damn smile on your face. You had to hold your bathroom needs. You could not be sick. You could not talk throughout the service. You could play with your hair. You had to be photo ready at any time. This was not a damn game.

Once up front, you also had to sit still, smile and remember when you needed to get up and down. You could not laugh. You had to keep your eye on the priest and bride and groom. You had to be ready to grab that stupid little ring bearer by the arm and throw him down, if necessary. You had to be ready to give the hairy eyeball to the bridesmaids who were always flirting with the groomsmen. Sometimes we sat through the whole service. Other times, we were required to get up and stand with the bridesmaids. We were, in essence, smaller bridesmaids.

This was serious stuff. And our professionalism and cuteness kept us being in demand for a long time. But once you are past a certain age, you basically cannot take on the role of a flower girl. You age out and have to wait a few years before you can even be a bridesmaid. The tween and teenage years are not a flower girl's best friends.


  1. White gloves and dippity do...I remember those days! Your mother made some beautiful dresses.

  2. You and your sister sure were cute as flower girls. I bet it was a lot of fun, and I was a flower girl and I really liked it because of all the good food and cake. I loved going to weddings when I was a child. It is a lot of fun. You and your sister did a great job being good flower girls.

  3. The pictures look so cute. I never was a flower girl.

  4. Such beautiful dresses your mother made. Professional flower girls you were.

    slehan at juno dot com

  5. What adorable little girls!

    Also? You are such a brat! xoxo

  6. Loved your story here and what a job your mom did on making your outfits. Made me laugh a couple times reading your story. It was though you could picture it all.

  7. I had so much fun looking at these pictures! I was never a flower girl when I was little.

  8. Reading this was a joy and your pictures are great. That was no damn game! The dresses are beautiful too!

  9. You two girls are so cute in your dresses. Looks like you are really enjoying the experience.