Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Halloween

Okay I must have been like one year old when this was taken. That means this photo is at least 49 years old. This is me as a bunny for Halloween. I have no idea who those guys are but it's me and my sister, who looks to be dressed in a kimono. Not sure what her costume was but I look freaking adorable!


  1. How adorable! Such cute pictures! I wonder who those guys are. You have no idea? I loved Halloween when I was a child and loved Trick or treating. Happy Halloween EVE!!

  2. Cute baby jumpy girl! I don't think there are any old photos of me in Halloween costumes. Which is odd considering how doggone many photos there are of me.

  3. So cute! I have pictures of me when I was little in my halloween costumes.