Thursday, December 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ With Abuelita

All I remember from this photo is my granny and this is where she lived. I am on her lap and my sister is the one with the doll on her head. Apparently, my mom liked the Beatles because we so had their haircut!


  1. Those outfits are so cute! My mom made all of my clothes when I was that age and they all looked the very same, just different patterns for the entire summer. I had the Beatles haircut as well, but my mom couldn't seem to get my bangs straight so they were always very short and crooked!

  2. Your haircut is better than mine. My mom made me and my sister wear ringlets that made us look like Shirley Temple! I hated having really curly hair. think your picture of you and your sister is so cute!!

  3. Wow, what a cool photo! Love the outfits!