Tuesday, February 10, 2015

More Renovation Hell, Austin and My Birthday!

Okay, I will tell you that I loved Austin. I had a fun time although I was left to my own devices and that is not always a good thing. But it was this time. I also had a birthday and it was just okay. That is due to the fact that when we got home, our house was not even close to being finished and I am, frankly, over it.

Yeah, I am a whiny crybaby but that should not be news to anyone. I want what I want and there have been too many things during this renovation that were a little iffy. I am more disappointed than anything else. I like our contractor but some of the people he hired were not doing what they were supposed to be doing and things went pear shaped. I get mad and rage then I get over it.

I am sure Tom would say otherwise but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I am glad about that. But anyway, we came home and the house was all in disarray and there was some shoddy work. At one point, I finally had to say something and it was not fun for the contractor. I called him out a little and then I felt better although Tom gave me look.

The Tom look is given to me when I am about to say something or have said something and he wants me to keep my big mouth shut. I usually do that when the look comes out because I respect his judgment. I did so this time because I had already said what I had to say. But I was a brat and did slam the door to my office just because I was mad.

So the rest of the day was ugly because of this. Luckily, we went to eat at the Puerto Rican restaurant close by and I had some comfort food: rice, beans and pork and felt better. The next day, we went out shopping for rugs and towels and accessories so that made me feel better.

I will try and get some Austin pics up soon but until the work is done, I am trapped in my office and it is hard to concentrate on my work.

I keep telling myself that all this is worth it and I think it will bebut there is no way I am ever touching this house again.


  1. Love those famous last words!

    I get the stink eye, too. If I had slammed the door afterwards? Oh no!

  2. Hey, you are allowed to whine as much as you want. And yes, there IS light at the end of the tunnel. I'm sorry your borthday was not all it should have been....but really, better days are coming! I promise!

  3. The contractor needs to make sure everything is done correct! You are paying the bills and want it perfect! I made sure when I had my porch put in that he did it the way I wanted it! I hope it turns out good and your house is what you want!!

  4. Doesn't remodeling bring out the best in everyone! lol I am glad you went out to eat after the stink eye episode. We have always found that being in a public place makes us behave so much better . Hang in there, it should be worth it once the project is complete.

  5. Complain, gripe and yell all you want with no guilt. Contractors can be a real nightmare, been there, done that. They can take most of the money for themselves and then hire unskilled laborers (i.e. 17 yr olds) for minimum wage which can lead to shoddy work. On my biggest job, I had words with my contractor many times. I had written a really clear cut contract he had to sign to get the job, so everything I could think of was spelled out ahead of time and he really couldn't argue if he wanted to get paid, but he still tried. When it was done, it was the way I wanted it for the price we had agreed on... but the journey to get there was not fun and is one I won't take again either. I feel for you, I really do. One thing I learned though is if something really bothers you, make them fix it, because if you don't every time you look at it...it'll bug you.

  6. Griping is very acceptable here. Glad to had comfort food to end your day.
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