Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mexico 1970ish

When we were younger, we drove from Los Angeles to Costa Rica. I remember it was a long trip. It was probably 6 to 7 days. But we drove through Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and then ended up in Costa Rica. I am guessing this was sometime in the 70's.

In Mexico, I remember we stopped at some ruins. I don't remember the name but here is a pic of us there. It was super cool. I am going to see if I find more pictures of that trip.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Bathroom Renovation Photos!

I finally have pictures of our new bathroom. I know I have been deadly slow getting them up but my life is crazy lately.

Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after pictures.

We covered up the glass block window and then moved the toilet to the other side of the room. It is in that little corner where the town rack is. Tom bought this vanity and when we put it in, it did not look right with the color on the wall. We decided to tone it down by adding a backsplash and painting the wall grey. It worked. 

The backsplash really tied everything together. We were lucky to find one that matched the slate floors. 

Our shower is pretty huge now. I couldn't get a good picture but you can see the whole thing is slate tiles and we added a little bench and nook for soap and shampoo. We also have pebbles on the floor of the shower. 

Tom bought a fancy shower thingy. We have a rainfall shower head and a wand. Then we have 2 other body shower heads. It's fancy. 

The flooring is slate tiles and you can see the pebbles in the shower.  We are pretty happy with the bathroom. It turned out quite nice and we didn't even have a designer. We sort of willy-nilly put it together but it works. 

It still needs some pictures or something on the wall and we want to put in some shelves but, overall, it works and looks nice. It is so much better than our old 1980's Miami Vice hateful bathroom before. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Have been MIA!

I have been neglecting this blog. I had been so busy with my other blog that this one suffers. And it's not going to change. There has been so many things going on in our lives right now that there is no choice but to ignore this blog.

First of all, I finally got a job. It's been a long time but I found a job at a homeless shelter and I am doing what I am good at: fundraising. I interviewed on a Thursday and got hired the next day. I started last week and it was weird having a place to go everyday. Plus, they are having an event in April and I have been thrown into it and it is crazy.

There are other things going on and I will blog about those soon. So bear with me.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Cinderalla Moment at the JCPenney Glam Ball #CinderellaEvent #JCPCinderellaMoment

Head over to my other blog to see pictures from my Cinderella Adventure! Read about my experience and the Glam Ball! I had such a fun time and was treated like royalty.

Cinderella is an excellent movie as well. Stay tuned because I will be linking my posts to this blog so you can easily access them!

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