Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our baby Joss!

Okay we have had Joss for about a month now. When we got him, we had no idea he was a boy. We had to choose a gender neutral name. I decided on Joss because I worship Joss Whedon. Joss can also be a girl's name so it worked out. We found him on Craigslist.

He has turned out to be a handful. We only had one other kitty, Shawn, because our other cat, Scout, was older when she adopted us. So poor Scout had to put up with all of Shawn's kitty energy. Joss has tons of energy. He is basically out of control. He also scratches and bites when he plays so both of us have war wounds. He is no malicious just out of control.

He is pretty adorable though. He is super loving as well. He will come up and lay on us for hours. He snuggles and is adorable. So here are some pictures of our new addition.

Monday, June 15, 2015


Yes, I have been gone for a long time. Honestly, the real reason is that my life is not that exciting now. Work keeps me busy and we have not had time to travel or do much. Let's face it, my life is boring right now. And you know what? That's okay.

After a few weeks of a lot of worrying and a lot of stress, it is nice to try and get back into a mundane boring routine. Trust me, I prefer the slowness of everyday life. Of course, that does not make good blog posts because there is nothing to write!

Tom is much better now. He has healed and he started work again. It is amazing that just a few weeks ago he had heart bypass surgery. We have also been trying to embrace our new healthier lifestyle. It's tough. I have had to try and learn a whole new way of cooking. You all know that I love cooking. But I loved cooking a lot of good and fatty and bad things that were delicious. Now I am trying to learn how to make vegetarian and low salt, low fat dishes good.

It's tough. I won't lie. I miss my butter and salt. I can still have those things but I try not to. I could stand to lose a few pounds as well. Tom has lost about 20 and looks good. I still have a ways to go but I am trying. Now that our life is back to "normal" maybe I can start losing weight by eating better.

I had a big event on the 30th and it went well. But i am glad it's over. Work is going well and I like it. I also like my co-workers. It's a good place to work and I am enjoying it. We did go to Charlotte a few weeks ago and it was great. It was nice to spend time in a hotel, eat out and get in a pool.

This coming week, we are headed back to Sylva to check out our mountain house. We have renters and we need to do some work on it so we are taking a long weekend and going back to the old homestead. It will be weird to see our old house with new people in it. But I am curious to see how it looks after a year.

In July, we rented a house on Lake Lure so hopefully, I will have something to post on this blog again. I also want to start posting recipes again. Since I am trying to learn new recipes, I will be sharing healthier options int he future!

We are still alive and kicking!!